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Can I ask your opinion on quality vs. price for Scavolini and Snaidero?
As a Canadian, I'm still ashamed of my country's role in the SS St. Louis debacle. I can understand why EL72 would feel the way he does.
I have a few high school friends who went to business school (while I pursued journalism), became chartered accountants, then CFAs. By their early 30s they were portfolio analysts, then managers. One was downsized a few years back and I haven't heard from him since. I met another one for drinks last year and he looked terrible: at least 100 lbs over his high school weight, drinking too much, and depressed as hell. He confided in me that he never gets to see his kids, and...
This is such an awesome photo -- I think I see the Tyrell Corporation over there on the left...
Does anyone else find Sunday evening the worst/best (P.O.V.) time to ride transit? All the kooks, schizos and freaks seem to be on board at that time.
Don't despair OP -- I graduated with a B.Journalism in the middle of a recession that was so hard on media, even non-paying internships were cancelled (newsrooms couldn't afford the meal per diem that they had agreed to pay). After a few years of substance abuse and working night shifts in a print shop, I landed an editorial assistant's job (gross pay = $20K with no benefits) and began my climb up the ladder. The only real educational upgrade I underwent was finishing the...
A friend of mine lived in West New York and always used to take those little jitney buses from near Times Sq. It seemed to me like a good way to wind up the subject of a Crimestoppers segment.
If you love them -- like "put their needs above yours" love them -- it always turns out OK.
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