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Oof @Fueco Quick call for advice: best offer on an item from a buyer in Russian Federation, 200 feedback, all positive, member for just over two years... or
Damn, $24.99? ValVil is starting to get wise.I am really loving the Hickey-Freeman jackets being posted here. I wish the band had more of a presence in Canada.
Looks legit to me - haven't seen garment-dying of that tag on fakes.
Gatdam that jacket is HEAT!@A Guy From Shanghai you should just respond "I see why you want these purple shoes so badly, 'cause you're a JOKER!"
Green-edged arm badge definitely makes it an older piece (mid-90s as AngryYoungPoor notes), but I've seen that "Piece:" tag before on vintage SI stuff. Does it have a square "CP Company" or "Sportswear S.P.A." tag in the waist seam? Is there a little round transparent rubber "hologram" thingie anywhere?
This is all amazing advice - thanks so much for taking the time. I had thought I'd included a U.S. (and international) shipping option - Canada Post Small Packet/Parcel Tracked - but it's failing to show up. As well, my shipping costs were higher because I chose options that included tracking (leery of chargebacks from people who say they never received the item). On further consideration, I think an all-in-one listing with free shipping is an excellent idea.I also...
That is superhelpful, thanks very much I think the tag is sewn in a bit high up, so I may not be able to get at that bottom bit, but will check tonight.
You're quite correct about the Riviera polos being the "official" Bond merchandise - I was merely suggesting sticking Bond in at the end of the title for SEO reasons, not actually describing it as one of the ones featured in any of Daniel Craig's Bond films. @Purplelabel, I think the Riviera models all have chest pockets, but it's still a very lovely shirt. Hope the LOADSADOSH in the Levi vest paid for the entire trip!On a totally weird note, Google Ad Services just...
If you're listing it, stick "JAMES BOND" in the title and watch your page views (and hopefully buyer interest) soar.
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