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Here's one you'll love from the Great White North, Harvey. Teenager exposes himself on public transit, pulls out a small knife, everyone leaves the streetcar, then cops shoot him nine times and throw in a Tasering after for good measure:
Dedicated to G. Zimmerman...."Master Blaster"
Sadly, I know a few people who use this language. For all their talk about "seeing people as people, not as colours/genders/etc.", they loooooove to put themselves in little boxes to help their fellow travellers figure out their social location.
INORITE? They remind me of MC Serch's character in "Bamboozled" -- "KILL ME TOO!!"
My wife came downstairs this morning to find me stalking a wayward fly with a rolled-up magazine...I said "I'm about to get Zimmerman on this mofo...they always get away!" She was not amused.
Pio and Sugarbutch, you are both right: there is the basic definition of feminism, which is equality in all aspects with men, then there are the inevitable variants and offshoots that sprout over time whenever more than 10 left-wingers get together and agree to something in principle, then promptly set about the serious business of seperating themselves from each other based on minutiae.
HORNS, that is damn near perfect. Need to add this in somewhere though:
I think I played drunken QB1 there once...
No moral, just trying to wrap my head around how a citizen with a handgun can possibly come out on top in this situation.EDIT: Maybe I misinterpreted your comment to mean that citizens carrying guns are a check against police excess, when you perhaps meant that cops are often irresponsible firearms users and, for that reason, gun controls that would leave guns solely in the hands of LEOs are illogical.
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