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Does anyone recognize this maker? Inside a linen jacket... EDIT: holy mackerel Spoo, your store looks AMAZING! You must have been up all night arranging those ties! Love the women's/girls display too.
I keep finding a lot of these Ingles Buchan wool made in Scotland tartan ties, mostly NWT. I love the look of them, but before I sacrifice one, does anyone know if they tie a decent knot? They seem kinda light.
So. Much. Denver. Hayes. Not a totally unproductive night though: SuitSupply jacket Borrelli x2 Isaia and Tombolini TSE cashmere Knize and Pringle Gant x2 for me... And Lululemon for my eldest daughter
@Doomsticks, @kbadgley84 and @SpooPoker, thanks for your help yesterday. And Spoo, thanks for the reminder - hugging my littlest one a bit more today for sure.
Wow, thanks for finding that so quickly Doomsticks! Another Q: are Su Misura orphans (blue-on-blue pinstripe, commissioner's name on Su Misura tag, and little tag on other side with Hebrew writing - deshatnezied?) ever worth a pick up? This one was a 46-48 and had one broken button... Actually one more Q: is it expected to dryclean items before passing along, or caveat emptor?
Long time listener, first time caller...my first month of thrifting has largely been one of Kirkland, Gap, Izod and Hilfiger, but in the last few days my luck has turned: a mint Canali blue label jacket, vintage Samuelson PoW jacket, Zegna/Etro/Ted Baker/Mastai Ferreti shirts, NWT Viyella merino V-neck, NWT Jack Spade wool crewneck, and this curiosity: At first I though fake for sure, but there is a post-2010 Ittierre tag in it: Anyone have a clue?
Here's one you'll love from the Great White North, Harvey. Teenager exposes himself on public transit, pulls out a small knife, everyone leaves the streetcar, then cops shoot him nine times and throw in a Tasering after for good measure:
Dedicated to G. Zimmerman...."Master Blaster"
Sadly, I know a few people who use this language. For all their talk about "seeing people as people, not as colours/genders/etc.", they loooooove to put themselves in little boxes to help their fellow travellers figure out their social location.
INORITE? They remind me of MC Serch's character in "Bamboozled" -- "KILL ME TOO!!"
New Posts  All Forums: