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I think I played drunken QB1 there once...
Laundry on the sleeping floor (top floor) is great, until one of the hoses bursts...good luck getting your washer/dryer out of the way and shutting the valve off before extensive flooding and water damage occurs. That's provided you are home when the hose bursts, and not in Australia for a few weeks...Something like an Intelliflow shutoff is a must, as is a drainable catch basin under the washing machine.
I feel somewhat bad for saying this, but sometimes it's not homeless people but teh poorz and their health issues. There is one obese chappie I see fairly frequently whose kidneys must be failing or something -- the smell of urea/ammonia is so fierce it makes your eyes water.
Think you mean Belstaff, not Belvest...Belvest jackets fit me perfectly, no questions asked. I have one that I bought new at Korshak about five years ago, and another that I bought on here used. In both instances, it's like the jacket was tailored for me.
And despair at this Indian chappie's bespoke, 22-karat gold shirt: http://www.punemirror.in/article/62/2012122820121228100259784e1f128b/Pimpri-man-dons-bespoke-gold-shirt.html Not sure if I'm doing the conversion right, but 1.27 crore appears to be about $232,000 in U.S. dollars...
That, and their approach to helping the less fortunate with no voiced expectation of winning people over to their faith. I find modern missionary work as practiced by some churches (proselytizing, convertion) to be the antithesis of what I imagine Jesus was trying to achieve, which is what the OP is about: deeds and good works.
This should be an interesting thread. This past year we moved up into a community of "1%ers" (for Canada at least), and I was struck by how many of our neighbors attend church or synagogue regularly. I was raised and baptised an Anglican, but haven't set foot in a church, other than for friends' weddings, for more than 20 years. My spouse and I aren't married, and neither of our kids are baptised.However, this Christmas we decided to attend church as a family for the first...
Bump to thank everyone for the advice!
Better to go with a third-party who offers Dainite soles? Would Edward Green even touch these?
Thanks -- I'll check those out. Boffi and Valcucine have dealers/showrooms not too far from where I am.
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