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Pop! For me...not at all a common label in Canada.
In the field - Gieves an Hawkes mid-grey flannel suit, two-button, lower stance, double ventN 38 reg (not my size), made in Great Britain...worth a punt at $40 Canadian (about UD$32)?
You may have since read a bit more about Ma.Strum, but it was launched about 7-8 years ago by family (daughter, I believe) of Massimo Osti. Mr. Osti was, of course, I creative force behind Stone Island, C.P. Company, and a few other brands (Boneville, Left Hand, Massimo Osti Productions, etc.). The family member who founded Ma.Strum puportedly had access to reams of old designs, material and pattern archives, etc. ) this to say that the jacket above should sell quite well...
Anyone know how to get these bloody things off? And Happy Thanksgiving to the U.S.of A!
New one for me, anywhere, ever. Can't find any info online. Edit: aaaand there they are.
What's the deal with these Disney Classics "Black Diamond" VHS tapes? Has anyone ever actually sold one for the thousands of dollars people on eBay seem to think they're worth? Recent sold listings are around $10-20...
Does anyone recognize this maker? Inside a linen jacket... EDIT: holy mackerel Spoo, your store looks AMAZING! You must have been up all night arranging those ties! Love the women's/girls display too.
I keep finding a lot of these Ingles Buchan wool made in Scotland tartan ties, mostly NWT. I love the look of them, but before I sacrifice one, does anyone know if they tie a decent knot? They seem kinda light.
So. Much. Denver. Hayes. Not a totally unproductive night though: SuitSupply jacket Borrelli x2 Isaia and Tombolini TSE cashmere Knize and Pringle Gant x2 for me... And Lululemon for my eldest daughter
@Doomsticks, @kbadgley84 and @SpooPoker, thanks for your help yesterday. And Spoo, thanks for the reminder - hugging my littlest one a bit more today for sure.
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