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Anyone interested in the new cotton/hemp IE trousers in size 2 PM me.
I am! Can't decide between the hemp and the ramie though. Really like the linen ones but they are $$$.
Got these recently...
From japan lets you declare your own value, so don't worry about duties.
Yup, it does become more matte with wear. Anyway here are the pics as promised.
I have a pair of 988 backzips in donkey for a few years now. The leather is quite thick but supple.Also it is a bit shiny, lacquer-like, especially when new. Not sure if that's because of the leather itself, or the treatment that Guidi uses.I can take some pictures later.
Mind sharing where you're seeing the AW14 collection for IS?
Price drop, now $275.
Don't give a shit a beat them up is the right answer.
Final price: $100 shipped each, $180 for both
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