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Price Drops
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles louisvilledoc: Is a stand up guy who I hope to do biz again with soon. Thansk as always and I hope you enjoy those pants cause they're really really nice. (and surprises me that they stuck around for so long... ) Several other great buyers this week and much thanks goes to: LeGauche harburn r_fine twotrey kundun M.D. elite124 techstyles Chris - NZ brunello jays978 cwh812 Finally I'm getting...
I had some great transactions with Fstyles, FlimsyChicken, aj_del, fuji All pleasant experiences, and all great members of SF. although still waiting on one package from fuji.
this is a quick question, should i send to an unverified address? he has no address on file and four posts, seems dangerous it says no seller protection is offered.
I was under the belief that american apparel had stopped most wholesalers from continuing their sale of blank shirts, I believe most ebay people must add some small logo to sell them. this is why trendyblanks and blanktshirts, and their affiliated websites do not carry american apparel anymore.
added pictures, measurements, and another pair of jeans.
added another jean for interest check
a dslr camera please? anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Read the rest of it. OP is a frickin' douche. as you wish edit: lol glad i did, it's bullshit but it was entertaining.
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