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Selling this pair of Edward Green for RL perforated cap toe bluchers in size 10.5. I have used these shoes a total of 3 times. They are very clean. They measure 12.5 inches long and 4 and 1/8 inches at the widest. They come with the RL shoe trees. Asking $225 shipped CONUS.
Selling this pair of lightly used (4-5 times) Vass U-Last shoes. I forget the name of the model, but I bought them in 2009 and used them twice before I decided the soles were way too slick (dangerously so) and had them toppy'd. I have worn two, maybe three times since. They are marked size 44, are 12.5 inches long and 4 and 1/8 inches at the widest. The color is Cognac. Comes with the Vass shoe trees. Asking $225 shipped CONUS.
Selling this BNIB pair of RL (by C&J) Marlow wingtips, size 10.5 US. Bought them at the RL sale last year, but have not worn them. Only looking to get back what I paid for them. $525 shipped CONUS.
I am selling a pair of NIB Alden Whiskey Shell Longwings in size 10D US in the Barrie last. I am including a pair of Cedarville Washburn Shoe Trees. I bought these over a year ago and have not used them. $500 shipped CONUS. Cheers,
Bump for price reduction on Alden boots.
Bump for lower prices again.
Bump for lower prices.
I have three pairs of brand new shoes for sale. First is a pair of Alden Whiskey Shell Cordovan Chukka Boots in size 10 US, Barrie last. BNIB. Asking $514 shipped CONUS. Nordstrom shoe trees included. Second pair are RL Darlton/Marlow wing tips in dark brown cordovan, size 10.5 US. BNIB Asking $400 shipped CONUS. Cedarville shoe trees included. [Sold] Third is a pair of Vass London bluchers in size 44 U-last. They come with the Vass trees and dust bags, but not...
Tom, I find it strange that you decide to post here again, but have refused to answer my email dated August 10, 2009 wherein i informed you I did not receive the correct size I ordered from you. In my view, you owed me at least some obligation to ensure that the shoes you shipped me were what I ordered. In that respect you failed, and you only compounded that error by refusing to respond to my emails. I am now out $730, with shoes that are mis-sized, and I am finding it...
He sent them via USPS to me. Quote: Originally Posted by quar Do you guys know what Shipping Carrier Tom is using at the moment? I haven't received my shoes yet, and I have a tracking number, but no idea what shipment method he used.
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