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Projection loony boy.
I'm not offended by loonies just because they are loonies.
.. and taxes
No Harv is a science denying nutbag of the highest order, he thinks that all scientific studies that don't jibe with his preconceived lunacy are scams.
The censoring was introduced by MacArthur, notoriously paltry in the trouser filling department, so much so that he was even jealous of the Japanese.
Yes I guess taxes are as sure as death and taxes.
The Japanese love a comically large penis.There are quite a lot of Australians here, they own all the ski resorts.
That's just infighting, I'm sure there are moon landing deniers that think creationists are dumbasses, and vice versa. They all belong to the same loony club as Harv.
Why do you ask? Looking for new members?
Not a bad guess for a loony with more teeth than IQ points. Why don't you go and sit with the creationists, and the moon landing deniers, you'll feel more at home.
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