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You should have had a vasectomy.
Ever thought of saying "no thanks, I have to work tomorrow"? Or are you too much of a pussy who is afraid of what other douche bags think of you?
What a bunch of betas, sheep, pussies, weak willed assholes. If you want to get drunk get drunk,. if you want to go to sleep early go to sleep early, problem fixed. FFS not only grow up, but grow a set of fucking balls and stop letting other people drag you around by the nostrils. What a bunch of fucking crowd following dickheads you are.
Slave to the man.
Pink socks.
It's all pipes.
That's all they have, 99.9% of people on British TV are stand up comics. Every show, including news programs is a panel shows with wall to wall stand up comics.
p.s. Anyone who doesn't appreciate a good David Mitchell rant is a cocksucker.
What the fuck is this cocksucking world coming to? Conne makes a worthwhile post? Cunt
New Posts  All Forums: