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Species/Grade Red Oak Flooring - Select Grade - CurlyPrice per square foot for this grade from $11.40Plank length range 4 to 10 feetAverage plank length 7 feetWidths available in this grade 5 to 10 inchesselect grade wide plank American Hickory tongue and groove flooring over radiant heat in a timber frame home.Species/Grade Hickory Wood Flooring - Select GradePrice per square foot for this grade from $6.86Plank length range 3 to 8 feet+; 4 to 10 feet+Average plank length...
Tongue and groove solid floorboards are laid tight.
Untrue, Frenchies don't have feelings.
Sorry honey, you fuckt up, you made a personal attack, and then you got owned. You should just admit it and move on, but that is hardly likely for an insecure ignorant little bitch like you.
Well I was going to refrain from posting in this thread, but your juvenile personal attack made me decide otherwise.Not sure if you are an idiot or simply ignorant, but just having a look at a picture of the Pantheon would cure you of your ignorance. Done that? See those 16 massive 60 ton Corinthian columns? They are made of a felsic intrusive igneous rock commonly known as granite. You stupid cockhead." Regardless, there's one material that can be used to make the...
That is brilliant, but I think for the money I would rather have two rooms, one with a big table, and one with a small table.
OK, I'm done, said my piece, be back in a year.
Grey isn't a colour, and at least as far as kitchens are concerned form should always follow function.
Yep, nothing wrong with this kitchen. No bench space? Check. No storage space? Check. No inconvenient refrigerator? Check. No appliances? Check. No oven? Check. Easy clean up for serial killers or abattoir operators? Check.
So the homes you post are better than shit cookie cutter suburbia, wow really high bar you've set there.And seriously you are comparing these mental institutions and prison blocks with the Pantheon? Well I guess I'll go and bash on some bronze with a sledge hammer, that'll make me Henry Moore won't it.Also the Pantheon is made of granite, bricks, and concrete (a material suited to the purpose for which it is used in that particular building).
New Posts  All Forums: