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No, I spelled "realise" correctly. Notice how it doesn't contain a "z" (zed).
How does it compare to a cabinet scraper? I find them less troublesome than dialling in a plane, but I guess patience is part of the game.
Oh Fahrenheit, sorry I didn't realise. You must be posting from somewhere like Liberia, or perhaps from a renaissance fair?
Yes, that is why I suggested my suggestion, lest the flowers get too hot.
You could simply state your date of birth in a rational fashion, wouldn't that be easier on everyone?
Fuck! Better put them in a shady place and make sure they have enough water.
baking soda in water.
Wwwwwrong again, you do realise that when you swing a golf club the shaft bends, and when the club is "between the shoulder blades" it varies the most.
I thought a_y said something about all reasonable launch angles, but I might be mistaken, that has almost happened before.?Anyway, yes 2600~2800 good, 5000~6000 bad.
New Posts  All Forums: