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Your taste in literature is similar to your taste in women, plastic. TGG is a piece of overrated crap. Fortunately you are redeemed by your taste in music.
Unless you want to, you know, sit down.
I know, and agree. Not that I'm much chop at writing, but you shouldn't see that kind of crap anywhere let alone Nature or the like.
Context ne?
So when do you get the wax?
Don't be equating rough-hewn with discreditable or by Jiminy you'll angry up my blood.
My wife is studying a series of online slides about science writing at the moment. Some of the slides show examples of this kind of writing taken from prestigious journals like Nature. I can only remember one example offhand, the repeated use of something like "the resultant data of the experimental procedure" rather than "the results of the experiment". Some were much worse.
Who knew that Walter Gerber and Fritz Stettler worked for Kraft all the way over in Switzerland.
It doesn't make men crash their cars so it can't be razzmatazz.
New Posts  All Forums: