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, and this loony is a lawyer. Can you find law degrees in cornflakes boxes in America?Voting is compulsory in Mexico, but they have innocuous sanctions, no country jails people for not voting.
You've never seen a ladies flaps outside those old half stuck together magazines under your bed, have you? You know now they have porn where the flaps are photo-shopped just for desperadoes like you.
Good explanation, however slightly more correctly the Japanese "r" varies between a postalveolar flap [ɽ] and an alveolar lateral flap [ɺ]. Okada, Hideo (1991). Japanese". Journal of the International Phonetic Association 21 (2): 94–96.Note that isn't the correct symbol for a postalveolar flap (there isn't one). In Japanese "l" and "r" sounds are allophones.
I realise no such thing.
Only what I've picked up from living here for the past 15 years.
She doesn't spell it like she pronounces it, the l/r sound in Japanese is neither an l or an r.
Keep your vomitous pube in the back of your throat, hopefully dying language to yourself.
I don't follow, how does your comment relate to chocking?
Fuck American police chock people to death?
That ain't no turbine that's an impeller, and the things stuck to the shaft can properly be called fins.
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