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There are very fast horses in Japan, they have to run away from the butchers.And fuck you Mr Incandescent has whatever he says he has, the temerity to dare question the most straight shooting poster on this forum is sickening.
Went to the Japan Derby last weekend, lost 10 grand.
I like Greg Kinnear, and can imagine he would be good in the role.
Sanford and son was pretty good, and Three's company was OK, every other American remake sucks. (have not seen American The office).Oh American House of Cards is also good.
Me three.
I'm guessing schnapps.
There is an American remake, didn't watch it, think it flopped.
PJs are also comfortable, wouldn't wear them in public though.
Instead of scribbling you should draw a picture of a cock and balls.
New Posts  All Forums: