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Come on Harv, everyone knows you swallow.
From Imo's site, Accompanied by "EVERYBODY KNOWS, IT'S IMO'S! THE SQUARE BEYOND COMPARE. Geometry isn't that well established in St. Louis.
Shame shamer shamer.
Fat shamer.
Your taste in literature is similar to your taste in women, plastic. TGG is a piece of overrated crap. Fortunately you are redeemed by your taste in music.
Unless you want to, you know, sit down.
I know, and agree. Not that I'm much chop at writing, but you shouldn't see that kind of crap anywhere let alone Nature or the like.
Context ne?
So when do you get the wax?
Don't be equating rough-hewn with discreditable or by Jiminy you'll angry up my blood.
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