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As long as you deodorize the corner after use go ahead.
Agreed, the dry breadists can go fuck themselves.
Ahhhh the old slippery slope (slippery gerbil shit pipe) argument, never would I have thought the Harv would resort to such horseshit.
Why any of you assholes give a fuck about some asshole who likes killing lions.
Yeah, and no solitary confinement block, FTF?
From the link in your OP "8,9, 10 and 11-speed compatible", you will probably need to use a 1.8 mm spacer.Some 10-speed freehubs have taller splines than 9-speed, but I think that is older Dura-Ace.
No you aren't, humans tend to be more adorbs than waxworks dummies.
" melatonin deficient "
Exactly, why the fuck would I do that?However it is not the most 'merica thing you can do, that would be a toss up between being morbidly obese, shouting in public places, and accidentally blowing your child's head off with one of your 40 assault rifles.
New Posts  All Forums: