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“People will swim through shit if you put a few bob in it.”―Peter Sellers
You wouldn't eat a cupcake? What are you, some kind of communist phaggot?
Would still bowen.
You are a poor excuse for an American. I hope you at least did plenty of shouting between swills.
Yes, but not everyone attempts to communicate by shouting barely comprehensible noises between (or during [[SPOILER]] thanks bc) giant mouthfuls.
Define big bucks?Closest I could find to the thing posted about same shoe different colour. And boy what a horribly designed website.Wallace Apple Suede Simpleclassic double eyelet lace up in the finest apple green suede,guaranteed to make a statement$875.00Style: #M0085$875.00? Seriously. What's that, about 25% more than say a pair of C&J hand-grade or a pair of Alden in shell? And horrible design aside, and qualified by the fact that I've never seen a pair in real...
Americans do not "speak", they shout (between mouthfuls of greasy cheese covered meat and trough fulls of fizzy sugar water).
The Dutch do not pronounce they regurgitate sounds via retroperistalsis.
Is it true that these horrible looking things go for big bucks in the U.S.?
Both > a wimpy Honey Badger.
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