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Well next time don't leave out such important details!
Dude, it isn't cool to get n00dz from a 13 year old, and not wise to brag about it onlines..
What, are you fucking stalking me?
I am certain the fellow (the customer not the barista) was confusing Cricket (an exciting sport wherefore teams score up to 872 runs per day) with its red headed step child named Baserounders, (being the pedestrian game of fat bodied types whence players hit the ball no more than 3 times in the course of an entire game, and the team score averages less than 2 runs per season (if the league invokes of the designated hitter rule)).
[[SPOILER]] Does not care about shuus bows, only cares that her ankles are thinner than my bowener.
[[SPOILER]] I think that lady needs a belt to hold up her jean pants.
That would be like drinking a cup of cold sick, and then drinking 3 litres of leper's cum to clean your palate.
It only got worse after the first hour.
It needs one.
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