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Why should anyone listen to anything that comes out of your booze hole you utter loony?Harold falcon
You are unaware because you are a provincial dickhead.
Definition of BOGBritish: lavatoryYou provincial dickhead.
I don't get why all you assholes live in third world countries that don't have modern plumbing. The answer to "What do I do when my enormous shit clogs the bog?" is not "Get this/that/the other kind of plunger/drain snake/corrosive chemical". The answer is "Don't live in a third world cluster fuck you retard".
This is a comment of truth, but "good" naked boob > underboob > sideboob. Talking best case scenarios here.
What if it were Emil Zatopek's car? Oh wait he's dead, so is Paavo Nurmi, so it probably wasn't his car either, also they could run the shit out of anything over 1500 anyway so why 5K? Maybe it was Ron Clarke's car, but Ronny died a few months ago, and I don't think he was such a poser anyway, and Ron could also run anythng between 1500 and 10,000. Lasse Virén is still alive, but unfortunately he won 2 Olympic golds in the 10,000 to go with his 5ks so not likely him. So...
Said the virgin who has never seen a naked boob.
Ahh the rapier like wit of the resident drunk loony.
Yes loony that is correct, it is also irrelevant.
Actually it is only right on one count, the fact that journalists can't spell doesn't mean science is voodoo, but yes you are a fuckwit.
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