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People who brush their teeth in public dunnies.
Don't worry, once you reach puberty you will change your mind and buy a razor that will shave an actual beard.
http://www.regalshoes.jp/make/Regal: Pretty sure they go up to size 30. Regal sizes are quite generous, I can fit a 27 in some of their RTW shoes. Their standard width seems to be EE. Not going to say they are fantastic, but their more expensive collection are well made shoes.http://www.regalshoes.jp/make/step/bos_price.pdfhttp://www.miyagikogyo.co.jp/english/ocs_top.htmlMy personal recomendation, Miyagi Kogyo MTO shoes and boots, they will definitely be able to make...
10.5 EE I rarely find anything.
This is true, if you have wide feet under a size 9 Japan is your oyster.
With you there buddy, Scotch grain/Regal are generally wider than most.
Don't you have a girl (or old lady) to do that for you?
See a physician who specializes in Alcohol-related dementia.
Bad songs really need to have had at least some measure of popularity, or I would just post a video of me singing Born to Be Wild at karaoke or Harvey farting through a paper and comb, and the show would be over. Having said that yous whippersnappers don't know what bad is, the 70s ruled bad songs, you know the decade that brought you Hall and Oats.
New Posts  All Forums: