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I am a sprightly, jovial Australian fellow, I'm not sure what would give anyone the impression that I'm not.
"Reread the post big guy. "NOT one of the..""Thanks for putting me straight, I totally misread that. I apologize. You are however still a cum gargling moron.
And something tells me that you are one of those cum gargling SFers. And you do realize that "purple suede loafers" and "Highly polished leather boots" aren't actually the same thing? Moron.
Keep your disgusting gum to yourself, all gum chewers should be given a concentrated sulfuric acid enema.
Full of homos?
You should give the lazy cunts a mouth full of boot.
Tokyo, and Brisbane for a start.
Shitholes that have beggars on the street are not "Really really nice".
You're a bigger fuckwit than I thought.
Fuck off newb, confusing me with a Merkin.
New Posts  All Forums: