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I fart better strings of sentences than that everyday.
If you want something before a particular date why do you set the deadline after that particular date? Sounds like piss poor management to me. Also how one would expect an adjective to complete an assignment is beyond me.
The natural habitat of the bogan is the Western suburbs of Sydney, though there are distinct sub-species that inhabit parts of Melbourne, and Brisbane. Bogan traditional attire consists of ugg boots (not real brand name capital "U" Ugg boots, but Target or Big W ugg boots), black jeans, a black ACDC t-shirt with a pack of Winnie Reds stuffed up the sleeves (old packets are horded to keep up this tradition in face of the standardization of cigarette packaging), and/or a...
Never been to N.Z. I see.
Bogans don't tip, but people in Australia do tip, for the correct reason.
$45 for a haircut? Do the apprentices suck you off as well?
I don't know about that, I think the tsunami, and the nuclear plant disaster chased most of them out of Fukushima.
Just because it is the armpit of Cockroachland doesn't mean it isn't better than whatever shithole you are from.
I'm pretty hibbeldy-jibbeldy that you losers don't even know how to say higgledy-piggledy. hig·gle·dy-pig·gle·dy ˌhiɡəldēˈpiɡəldē/ adverb & adjective in confusion or disorder. "bits of paper hanging higgledy-piggledy on the furniture and walls" synonyms: disordered, disorderly, disorganized, untidy, messy, chaotic, jumbled, muddled, confused, unsystematic, irregular; ...
Mr Firmin is not from Elizabethland he is from the butthole armpit of Cockroachland.
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