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It's spelled eyels, right?
Oh, and by the way a guy hitting an 8.5 x-stiff driver is not going to be swinging at 105, but much faster, makes your comment even more stupid.
^^ You can't pay an OB if you want one? FTF?
The difference in loft and energy transfer between an 8.5 degree and a 9 degree driver is minimal.
Utter unadulterated crap.clapeyron said "the shaft brought my backspin rate down from 5000-6000 rpm to 2600-2800 rpm. resulting in lower ball flight, longer carry and final distance"And to quote exactly what you said. "Higher backspin increases carry (provides lift), and higher ball flight increases carry (with any normal trajectory), so lower backspin and lower ball flight would both reduce carry, given a fixed launch speed. "Wrong wrong wrongedy wrong, and you are...
We don't hit golf balls in a vacuum, only a certain amount of spin is required to get the ball in the air.Maximizing Driver Distance using a Trackman or Flightscope Launch Monitor [RST/RS1]By Chuck Quinton, Master RST InstructorBall Speed Launch Angle Back Spin (rpm's) Carry Distance170 mph 11.5-15.5+* 2000-2400 289 yards160 mph 12-16+* 2200-2650 271 yards150 mph 13-16.5+* 2300-2800 252 yards140 mph 14-17+* 2350-2950 233 yards130 mph 14.5-17* 2400-3100 215 yards120...
Why not? Dolts.
Because it sounds like someone farting through a paper and comb, people tend not to like someone farting through a paper and comb.
It's a woman who sticks her hand up other women's cunts.
So now the word "any" means "every" OK. Go ahead get your driver speed over 5000, why should I care if you lose distance, also I wouldn't give a fuck which driver you used 8.5 or 9, shit I don't give a fuck what shaft you use you wouldn't know the difference. Hit a driver over 5000 it will balloon, that's 5 6 iron territory.
New Posts  All Forums: