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I'm all templed out, my inlaws live in Kyoto, and every time someone visits me they want to see temples" Fuck temples! Japan has bars you know.
Would smash all, even the bear.
I've heard of Temple they have a campus here, supposedly it is a shit hole.
Actually it is Ucla, apparently.
Good brand awareness does not equal most famous brand in the world.As a "worldwide" person, my perception of UCLA was "It is a university in America".
It might be famous in the US, but it isn't the mostestest best much more gooder famous that many other schools, even in the US.
So why didn't you tell them to go fuck themselves?
I think what we've learned is that UCLA is a pretty good school, that has a good sports program in some sports (not sure which) and it isn't famous at all globally, and not even particularly famous in America.
"They've been selling in Japan for 30-40 years"Been living here for the best part of 15 years, never once recall ever seeing a UCLA logo, and as I said before when I googled the logo I did not recognize it.
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