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Slave to the man.
Pink socks.
It's all pipes.
That's all they have, 99.9% of people on British TV are stand up comics. Every show, including news programs is a panel shows with wall to wall stand up comics.
p.s. Anyone who doesn't appreciate a good David Mitchell rant is a cocksucker.
What the fuck is this cocksucking world coming to? Conne makes a worthwhile post? Cunt
Use honey, they love that stuff.
Got a laugh out of that, now I do know Canada's most famous comedian.
Don't mention metric or I'll blow my stack!And Canada? Really? We are discussing countries here, not frozen U.S. territories.
I knew it, you really don't know the difference between a bathroom and a toilet. Hope you don't piss in the restroom next time.
New Posts  All Forums: