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Why do you ask? Looking for new members?
Not a bad guess for a loony with more teeth than IQ points. Why don't you go and sit with the creationists, and the moon landing deniers, you'll feel more at home.
Hmmmm, no.Kim Kardashian.
I know there used to be Denny's in Australia, they failed, guess Australians are not as fond of greasy crap as Americans. Some of the shit passing for food posted by Americans on this forum may have just as well been served in a dunny. And just for your edification I have been calling the insular, never owned a passport, U.S.A. U.S.A., fat fucks on SF provincial for years, pay attention boy, pay attention.
Thanks SR
Sorry but bogans come from cockroach land, and the home of aerial ping pong, not Australia. And say what you will about Australian culture, at least they have dunnies that work.
Why should anyone listen to anything that comes out of your booze hole you utter loony?Harold falcon
You are unaware because you are a provincial dickhead.
Definition of BOGBritish: lavatoryYou provincial dickhead.
I don't get why all you assholes live in third world countries that don't have modern plumbing. The answer to "What do I do when my enormous shit clogs the bog?" is not "Get this/that/the other kind of plunger/drain snake/corrosive chemical". The answer is "Don't live in a third world cluster fuck you retard".
New Posts  All Forums: