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Or if you have an actual motor rather than a wound up rubber band, and a hull that was designed after Noah was born you might be able to actually get somewhere while doing that motoring. If it is blowing you can take a motor boat up the estuary and go skiing, rather than hiding in a little marina surrounded by fat middle aged fuckwits in Thurston Howell, III caps talking about how many barnacles you have on your arse."Can still go pretty quick"If you measure quick in...
This, actually I've never had to do shit like that to get a job, but yeah never having another real job again is where it's at.
One can not be poisoned by Deep Purple, except perhaps mid 60s Deep Purple, but that isn't Heavy Metal.
Well who does? I wish I could, but I'm not so young any more.
Wanking is a tangible thing.
Unless it is windy, or unless it isn't windy.
I've sailed 18 footers on Sydney habour, the least ghey sailing vessel in the world, it is still ultra ghey. You do realize that reliable internal combustion engines have been available since the early/mid 19th century?
Snow skiing is done while wearing clothing that makes all women look like the Michelin Man, skiing is done accompanied by beautiful women in bikinis.Deep sea fishing is the sport of kings.Diving for not being a completely boring asshole. I guess when you don't come from God's country, i.e Qld you might not be aware of the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.Tooling around with with a beautiful bikini clad woman on your lap, and a single malt in your hand as opposed to...
Skiing, fishing, diving, tooling around, pretending to be Carry Grant from To Catch a Thief?
Isn't that a kind of coffee that they sell at Starfucks?
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