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Truedat (as the young fellows say).
It is true that I am no true true Scotsman, I am however a Scotch man, well Japanese single malts recently, so not even a true true Scotch man.^But must have.
This is why you have to go ATM, newb.
Never heard of it. Dig the concept, but I'm a Scotch man myself.
Go eat a greasy egg tart covered in bean paste and soy flour, best not forget the macerated rice chewing gum enjoy some Asian desserts.
Bagel, the red headed step child of baking. Who the fuck wants to eat boiled dough?
OK, it's going to be warm and humid tomorrow, I shall go to work wearing budgie smugglers. (tis a lie I don't work on Fridays)
Do you live in the 1970s? Or do you have a massive stockpile of toothpaste in zinc tubes?
Shorts? What are you 10?
This simply makes me despair for humanity, Interstellar was possibly the biggest load of shit ever made.
New Posts  All Forums: