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$150 for someone to come to your house is peanuts, it isn't just the 10 minutes it took to replace the screws they also had to, you know, come out to your house, and then go back to their office.
Go suck a wiggle cock child.
So you are saying that not only are they fat retards who play in Pjs, they are violent fat retards who play in PJs?Yes soccer blows, it is barely a sport, however unlike hit and giggle the players actually do things. "footie"? I know not of which you speak.
That would be like saying "You just need to practice smashing your wiener with a meat tenderiser! Give it a few whacks and you'll fall in love for sure. (With smashing your wiener I mean, not with another woman.)I've tried to watch baseball, but after 10 minutes of nothing happening I decided that it was a con not a sport, some kind of cult where they brain wash people. In sports generally things happen, and the players do stuff, and they don't wear PJs.
Thank you
I wouldn't go so far as to say it was better than watching dat Brumbies, but it is at least as boring as living in Canberra (The home of dat Brumbies, and most boring city in the known universe). Seriously no one without got errors of the mind (mente) could sit through an inning of rounders let alone a whole game.The video above is 2 minutes long and in those minutes nothing happened, well one fat guy dinked a ball a few metres, and another fat guy trotted 3 yards to...
For what reason would you perform such acts of incorrect commenting?
Your pal is a fuckhead.
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