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So the homes you post are better than shit cookie cutter suburbia, wow really high bar you've set there.And seriously you are comparing these mental institutions and prison blocks with the Pantheon? Well I guess I'll go and bash on some bronze with a sledge hammer, that'll make me Henry Moore won't it.Also the Pantheon is made of granite, bricks, and concrete (a material suited to the purpose for which it is used in that particular building).
You contradict yourself, someone wants a functional kitchen, and they are tasteless plebs, but if you get an an arkitek to design your concrete box the prison toilet suddenly becomes the height of good taste.
Better a wanker than getting surprise butt sext in one of those dungeons you post.
Yeah, too easy for the prisoners to escape from that one.
At least they put in a nice pool for the prisoners.
Sure the guy is foolin' you'se, but why the lack of basic human empathy? Why not send the noodz to aforementioned friend if it will bring him joy? His resort to subterfuge would seem to reflect badly on you as a caballero.
Go away for a yearish, come back, people still posting the same old pointless concrete brain farts.
Good luck with that, however I think it might be overselling it a bit to call sucking off strangers in an alley for $5 a pop "professional success". It certainly doesn't seem preferable to my current niche where I scrape by while only having to work 15 hours a week 7 months a year, and I don't even have to gargle cum.
New Posts  All Forums: