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The Pole House Frank Dixon in 1978 "PLEASE NOTE: this property is NOT suitable for children." So I guess not suitable for many of the contributors to this threak.
As if brain exists in the space between your ears.
The Pole House Frank Dixon in 1978
Door to Door no. On reflection the agitated state of my mente brought on by your silly silly question made me exaggerate (alter my statement beyond apt proportion). Allow me to moderate, there are definitely 2 possibly 3 better "The Cars" long playing recordings than Panorama. The Cars, and Candy-O are much more gooder, and Shake It Up is debatable.
If you are referring to long playing records produced by the New Wave Pop/Rock musical group known as The Cars, then yes at least 4.
Geraniums are quite hardy.
So you have to qualify your original unqualified statement, OK.
That would be like drinking a cup of shit, and then cleaning your palate with a bucket of cold sick.
You are absolutely correct, however I laid a tongue and groove hardwood floor with 7 inch boards 15 years ago, in a city with widely varying humidity, it looks as good today as it did 15 years ago. I just had a look at a data sheet from the state government and the recommended max width for that species is 5.5 inches.
Species/Grade Red Oak Flooring - Select Grade - CurlyPrice per square foot for this grade from $11.40Plank length range 4 to 10 feetAverage plank length 7 feetWidths available in this grade 5 to 10 inchesselect grade wide plank American Hickory tongue and groove flooring over radiant heat in a timber frame home.Species/Grade Hickory Wood Flooring - Select GradePrice per square foot for this grade from $6.86Plank length range 3 to 8 feet+; 4 to 10 feet+Average plank length...
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