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Didn't google, but that is a good one, I will steal.
Did you give the first person you heard use this idiom a swift kick in the cunt/knackers? And if not why not?
So still nothing? How fucking long do you need retard. Better get that one office girl who can read to explain it to you.
What is an ITG?
My first ever SF thumbs up.
Awwwww didums couldn't think of a come back.
Someone telling you to go fuck yourself doesn't make them a sex therapist/surrogate.
So a business attempts to attract customers during a slow part of the day, and you get all hibbeldy-jibbeldy about it, what a fucking twat.
Ah, a proud little wage slave, keep sucking massa's cock.
Let me remind you of what was actually said dim bulb:Lin'c obviously thinks there is something wrong with being "a illegitimate child with letter carrier or milkman as father" otherwise he wouldn't have seen it as being an aggressive accusation.And let me remind you of what your snot smeared fingers managed to type:I hope you have someone in your office who can read, and remember what they've said otherwise your clients are fucked.
New Posts  All Forums: