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Why are you too embarrassed to say tit?
And I guess from your comment that no educated person knows that a sign in an "establishment" that reads "bathroom" means toilet? Either way the room where one excretes waste is a toilet, but that seems for some reason to be a shameful word for Americans, much like titbit.
Cafe /= ship.
So people in a cafe need somewhere to have a rest?
Or perhaps they are looking for the toilet?
Handsome boy.
Dirty mind
Disagree, this seems quite apt."Patrick is overweight dimwitted, lazy, immature, forgetful, unmannerly, and generally ignorant. He has been shown to make many idiotic mistakes such as forgetting how to eat, and not realizing that the character Sandy Cheeks is a female. Despite this, he has occasionally been portrayed as somewhat of a savant, with articulate observance to certain subjects in specific detail. However, he always reverts quickly back to his usual,...
Do you look like a pink starfish?
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