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So now the word "any" means "every" OK. Go ahead get your driver speed over 5000, why should I care if you lose distance, also I wouldn't give a fuck which driver you used 8.5 or 9, shit I don't give a fuck what shaft you use you wouldn't know the difference. Hit a driver over 5000 it will balloon, that's 5 6 iron territory.
Oh so now it is a point? You do know the difference between a zone and a point, right?Just give up, you are completely wrong,
I'm not good at art either, my cars and space ships look like dongs, but my dongs are pretty impressive, mainly because they are self portraits. My boobs are also pretty good, also self portraits.I lied about not being able to read my writing, I can't actually write.
I can't read my own writing, so I just draw pictures of hot cars, space ships, boobs, and dongs.
Nice. Dovetail saw or pull saw behind the chisels?When you apply Waterlox does it raise the grain? That is does it in anyway defeat the purpose of finishing with a plane rather than sanding? I'm pretty sure that with a water based product the grain won't raise as much on a planed surface as on a sanded surface, but there will be some. How about with an oil finish like Waterlox? I oiled a new (recycled) hardwood floor about 20 years ago, and I recall that the grain did...
Except in your cold dark heart.
I lose track of the days.
Stop icing.
Is it Monday?
I think PB only wears black shoes, I asked him about it. What is difficult about my question?And all of these statements about women getting better with age are false, id est they, and PB's statement are untruths.Yes Japan has many many hot middle-aged women a fair proportion of which I have had first hand knowledge, doesn't mean they weren't hotter 10 years prior. The same is true of all the hot ladies mentioned above, they haven't gotten hotter with age, they have...
New Posts  All Forums: