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Use your keyboard, it will work in a vastly superior manner to the Internet Jiminy Crickets.
Seats upright during meal service was always a rule, as was leaving your seat upright until the no smoking light went out.It seems you don't have a problem with people who recline, you have a problem with fat, loud, obnoxious Americans.ps Fuck off you racist cunt.
So harv doesn't know what " means.
It provides lift but it doesn't necessarily increase carry. Higher backspin can and does cause the ball to balloon which will rob you of carry and total. I thought I already wrote that here somewhere. The part about loss of energy at impact is simply wrong.
How embarrassment for your students.
Perhaps because they look like fuckwits.
Once they actually see you eat the baby they will realise that no harm could come to a human.
In this case wiki is full of shit.
Worrall suspended for bizarre incident
New Posts  All Forums: