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I has a brain ache.Let me modify my stance, H&O are the 2nd worst musical act that has had any measure of success. We are not talking about Harold Falcon singing a drunken duet with Piobaire at Karaoke.The worst musical act in history is obviously Air Supply, an embarrassment to both Australia (where they come from) and U.S.A. (where they were popular).
You do realize that Hall and Oates are the second worst musical act in history?
Racist. Rape culturalist.
It looks like a snake of some kind, and their secondary logo looks like a tramp stamp.
Enter a woman (or chap if you prefer), and then step in to her or him, tell me the aforementioned person sees the two as "not very different".
Meteorites is too swift.
I suggest you fuck start her brain.
Depends on the Arse and the Mouth.
One of the worst pre-irrelevance episodes, arguably the shark jumping moment.
Not in the civilized world.
New Posts  All Forums: