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Right up there fuckwit, oh and that time I called you a fuckwit. So that is at least twice.
It is a stopped clock, and it is twice a day fuckwit.
I thought you had gone mad, but then I thought "oh this is probably some shit American candy, not actual smarties which were first produced by Rowntrees of York England in 1882 (now produced by Nestle)". And I was correct, then I thought "Why don't Americans have real Smarties?, oh that's right they have the impostor M&Ms".These are smarties
Not a water bottle, Reggs needs a frame pump fatally shoved up his arse.
Be great if your name was Willy Knob Cocks.
I wouldn't say I have a comprehensive knowledge of the illustrated Bible, I do know the main character is kind of a dick. Never fucked a supermodel, you are the one whose shtick involves imaginary characters in your life .
Whatev, she can lick my doughnut.
No, doughnut-licking is a bonus.
Depends on the woman.
New Posts  All Forums: