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The best strategy is to assume that everyone is flirting with you, then you will never have that Goddammit feeling. Of course I don't need to assume it as it is demonstrably true.
It's Ucla, get it right!
Fuck the others must have been stinkers, the first one sucked giant camel balls.
Would definitely boenher.
Fuck! a_y made another sensible post. I'm going outside to see if there are any porcine organisms zooming through the sky.
You may be pleased to hear that Test Cricket might be played under lights with a pink ball soon.
The first tour match of the Ashes series starts next week. You cray cray.
I just watched a youtube clip of the dive, I forgot that Keith Gordon (Christine ) played the son, and Terry Farrell played the chick, old is she?
She's going to bang someone from the table? Ed didn't say it was a group date.
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