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What's not to get? They are a pack of fuckwits.
Gotta hold her nose until she swallows.
Use the paper towel to dry itself after you dry your face.
OK, in the highly unlikely event of PC slippage during ATM transfer one should always have a handy supply of RU486. Or better yet have her sister lick it up before it reaches vagoo.
"Probiotics" Snigger.
Oh, I thought (had an arrangement of ideas in my mente) that you were acting out some kind of anachronistic social non-conformity, but now I understand (perceive the intended meaning of your words). Your headmates were just being silly jerks.
Wouldn't fuck with them, wouldn't eat the shit either.
Zinc tubes deform such that bottom pressing is a requirement of maintaining convenient paste access. Plastic tubes possess properties of material such that the requirement of aforementioned pressing is rendered gratuitous, and in effect is an anachronism.My original post regarding the tube situation was in no way meant to imply that you were expounding a fictional (non-reality based) story.
headmate: [hedmeyt] Person what one shares ones head with. head: [hed] Place within which one performs one's ablutions.
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