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p.s. Anyone who doesn't appreciate a good David Mitchell rant is a cocksucker.
What the fuck is this cocksucking world coming to? Conne makes a worthwhile post? Cunt
Use honey, they love that stuff.
Got a laugh out of that, now I do know Canada's most famous comedian.
Don't mention metric or I'll blow my stack!And Canada? Really? We are discussing countries here, not frozen U.S. territories.
I knew it, you really don't know the difference between a bathroom and a toilet. Hope you don't piss in the restroom next time.
I think you mean workbench right?
Yeah, he should have thrown in a few cocksuckers right.
That's his schtick, but the fact that you've never heard of one of the most well known comedians in the U.K. just shows how provincial you are.He also demonstrates one of the puzzling things about Americans, you are too puritanical to use words like toilet, can't say breast or leg (has to be white/dark meat) but you are also so vulgar that you won't laugh at a comedian unless every sentence is littered with cocksucker or fuck or asshole etc. (can't say cunt though for some...
Makes more sense than taking a bath or having a rest in a toilet, or going to the toilet in a bath/restroom.David Mitchell says it better than I could.
New Posts  All Forums: