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Geraniums are quite hardy.
So you have to qualify your original unqualified statement, OK.
That would be like drinking a cup of shit, and then cleaning your palate with a bucket of cold sick.
You are absolutely correct, however I laid a tongue and groove hardwood floor with 7 inch boards 15 years ago, in a city with widely varying humidity, it looks as good today as it did 15 years ago. I just had a look at a data sheet from the state government and the recommended max width for that species is 5.5 inches.
Species/Grade Red Oak Flooring - Select Grade - CurlyPrice per square foot for this grade from $11.40Plank length range 4 to 10 feetAverage plank length 7 feetWidths available in this grade 5 to 10 inchesselect grade wide plank American Hickory tongue and groove flooring over radiant heat in a timber frame home.Species/Grade Hickory Wood Flooring - Select GradePrice per square foot for this grade from $6.86Plank length range 3 to 8 feet+; 4 to 10 feet+Average plank length...
Tongue and groove solid floorboards are laid tight.
Untrue, Frenchies don't have feelings.
Sorry honey, you fuckt up, you made a personal attack, and then you got owned. You should just admit it and move on, but that is hardly likely for an insecure ignorant little bitch like you.
Well I was going to refrain from posting in this thread, but your juvenile personal attack made me decide otherwise.Not sure if you are an idiot or simply ignorant, but just having a look at a picture of the Pantheon would cure you of your ignorance. Done that? See those 16 massive 60 ton Corinthian columns? They are made of a felsic intrusive igneous rock commonly known as granite. You stupid cockhead." Regardless, there's one material that can be used to make the...
That is brilliant, but I think for the money I would rather have two rooms, one with a big table, and one with a small table.
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