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Great to hear that the guys at Reap & Sew did right by you; we're happy to have them onboard with us. @Quasky: As for your question about stretching in the thigh, it'll take a little bit of time but you should notice a fair bit of stretch in the next two weeks if you are wearing them consistently. It sounds like you're just wearing them around the house right now, so they may not have had a chance to stretch out. If the thighs are pretty much painted on, you should...
At my wife's holiday party. First time wearing a tie in months...
Iron Heart 634s is the way to go. Quote: Originally Posted by Christobevii3 Is there a heavier jean that you would recommend? I'm looking for something that would be ok for winter when its in the 30 degrees areas. I have some flathead f380's and those are the closest for heavier warmer denim but isn't cutting it. Similar cut that is between the f380 and sugar cane 1966 would be good.
Good eye, the model (Thomas at SENY) has freakishly long arms. All our shirts come up short on him; the sleeve measurements are quite standard - for instance, size M has a 25" sleeve. Let us know if you need more measurements.
3sixteen Duffel Coats are now available at SENY and SELA - they are $440 and are sized from S to XL. Give either shop a call for a phone order.. shipping is free worldwide.
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance Hey has anyone heard if they are releasing the duffle coat again this winter? Haven't found much info on it EDIT: Nvm I found it on their lookbook for Fall 2010. Let me rephrase..does anyone know where to buy this or when it will be released? Duffel Coats will ship to retailers this week and should be online and available for purchase by next week in our online store (http://shop.3sixteen.com)....
Quote: Originally Posted by PhunGar Sugar Cane Denim SC Tan Belt When you getting the size 30 in stock? These belts only come in size 32 and size 36... you'd be the size 32. We have them in stock at SENY; you can give us a call for a phone order. 212.388.0079.
Here are some teaser photos of the new Flat Head shirts that we just received at SENY. The shirts will be posted online soon, but if you'd like more information on these shirts or would like to place a phone order, give us a call at 212.388.0079 or shoot me a PM. One interesting thing to note is that we are now stocking size 46 Flat Head shirts - so if you found the 44's to be too small in the past, you're in luck. Heavy Nel Flannel. The fabric texture is...
You posted fit pictures on hypebeast, styleforum and superfuture asking for sizing advice and everyone has told you that you were in the right size.
Sorry, those are pretty much out of stock; we won't be making any more of them. Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanvt where can i kop one of those field blazers in L? they look amazing but out of my size on the site http://shop.3sixteen.com/collections...ld-blazer-navy
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