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There's another small run of SL/ST-100x jeans that complete Sept 1st which will ship to stores that prebooked them, and then the big Fall restock will be done in the beginning of October.
My office for the next few days... 3sixteen S/S Workshirt 3sixteen ST-100x Flor de Cano Bass Barret
phx: Try the 32's first... you should be able to button them up when you receive them - if you can't, exchange for the 33's. And as for the leg opening getting bigger, you'll see very little change in the leg opening if you're only taking 2.5" off.
@guyute: They look good. Whenever you decide to wash them, you'll get some really interesting hues of blue come out. @nineohtoo: These aren't the best photos, but you can see here that the grey denim will age, it's just a bit more stubborn than indigo denim in terms of losing color:
Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Anyone else have problems keeping their fly up when wearing Flat Head jeans? They're my only pair of zip-fly denim and now I remember why I switched to button fly. The dang thing will just not stay closed. Flat Head jeans use a gripper zipper - the next time you zip your jeans up, put one finger into your waistband and hold the zipper from the inside, pushing out. Then with your other hand, push the zipper...
We're shipping to Revolve next week; you should receive them well before June 7th, I'm thinking.
The photos on Revolve are misleading; the model probably could have sized down one, which would totally change the look of the fit. If you're looking for a fit similar to an APC NS with a slightly wider lower leg, go with the SL-100x in a size up from your APC's. They'll still be tight in the waist but should accomplish what you want in regards to the rest of the fit. As kixslf mentioned, you could also try the ST-100x but make sure to size up one (two from your APC size)...
Quote: Originally Posted by naiserie thanks! odds they'll be at SENY in two weeks when i'm in town? They should be here by then, yes.
The jeans are still the same fits and follow the same sizing as previous runs. The price remains the same as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guyute So about 6-7 months back the BSP's were released into the wild.... How about some evo pictures on those jimmies by now? Can't wait to post my SL100's after thier year mark next month...oh how I have fallen in love with them. I haven't seen too many images posted up online, but I've hemmed and repaired a few and they were looking good. I think kixslf is about to shoot his 6 month old 20BSPs and post them up...
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