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Quote: Originally Posted by naiserie thanks! odds they'll be at SENY in two weeks when i'm in town? They should be here by then, yes.
The jeans are still the same fits and follow the same sizing as previous runs. The price remains the same as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guyute So about 6-7 months back the BSP's were released into the wild.... How about some evo pictures on those jimmies by now? Can't wait to post my SL100's after thier year mark next month...oh how I have fallen in love with them. I haven't seen too many images posted up online, but I've hemmed and repaired a few and they were looking good. I think kixslf is about to shoot his 6 month old 20BSPs and post them up...
Puddin - Even though all our SL's are cut off the same pattern, sometimes the denim itself sews together into a garment differently. As long as you can button up without being in pain, expect it to stretch 1" to a more comfortable place. Sweatsuit - Everywhere there's pressure (ie. waist, hip, thighs, crotch area) is a place you can expect to stretch. Snug is good, but painted on is bad. If you can bear it for a week or two, it will get to a place that's much more...
They look great on her - keep us posted with how the jeans progress.
Nice photos PeterParker - I think your SL-100x's are the oldest jeans that we've seen around... all the way back from our first production lot. Great job.
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Apologies for the n00b question, but I just got my SL-100s. I believe these are sanforized, correct? As such, I don't need to do a soak before I wear them? As the other folks have mentioned, it's good to go right out of the box. IF you want to do a soak, it's not a bad thing (it strengthens the denim) but there's no need to do so for sizing purposes.
Quote: Originally Posted by ETW Hey Kiya, do you know if there are any Flathead 1001s or F310s in stock at the New York store? We just received a full restock of F310's at SENY.
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