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We've found the length of the body to be slightly extended on them. Thomas at SENY thought the old one was too short (he's over 6' tall) and the new fit is perfect for him.
They don't need a presoak as the denim is sanforized - you are good to go.
The SL-BNY1 is the same cut as the SL-100x. You are right to compare the fit to an APC NS, and can expect about 1" of stretch in the waist after two weeks of wear.The waist should be slightly snug, but should not be skin tight. Our new flagship denim that appears on our SL/ST-100x jeans doesn't stretch as much as previous denim that we've used. You can probably expect 0.5"-1" of stretch in the waist over time. It's important to check the fit on the thighs and calf area -...
They're the same cut as the rest of our SL series jeans. It's a slight taper from the knee down; for example, on a size 30 the knee tapers from 8.75" to 8."
Here are some more photos and specs below on the SL-BNY1, 3sixteen's first collaboration with Barneys Co-Op. Slim straight leg fit with a slight taper from the knee down 14oz left hand twill indigo selvedge denim woven in Hiroshima, Japan Asymmetrical selvedge ID Heavyweight natural tan leather patch from Tanner Goods sewn on left side Selvedge coin pocket and fly details Gunmetal branded hardware Limited to 100 pairs
@Arizor: Fit looks spot on. Enjoy the jeans!
Just a heads up - due to dangerous weather conditions and the resulting MTA shutdown, SENY will be closed for business both today and tomorrow - we will resume regular business hours on Monday. Be safe everyone!
Sounds like the ST cut would be right for you... it's a slim cut with taper but is not a super skinny silhouette. The ST-200x is a black jean whereas the ST-100x is indigo... depending on what color you're looking for you can choose accordingly. Both of them feature our new denim that we custom developed with Kuroki Mills this season.
For those who might not have seen the below thread, we're going to be throwing a Styleforum event at Self Edge LA this upcoming Sunday. I'm bummed that I will not be able to make it, but Kiya and Johan will be there along with Raul Ojeda from Don Ville's Shoes (they just opened up across the street from us) and Bryan Yamashita, the general manager at Leather Soul Beverly Hills. Both of them will be on hand to talk shoes and answer questions. Free beer, good company - if...
I think you'll be alright... the SL's run slightly bigger than the ST's and are a roomier cut all around. As mentioned previously, make sure you can button the jeans up - you can expect 0.5-1" of stretch over the first few weeks.
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