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uninkco: Here's a closeup shot of the 120x shadow denim. Indigo warp threads and black weft threads combine to give the denim a deep navy color on the outside and a blackish color on the inside. This will fade to a bright, electric blue with wear. Other details include a heavyweight Cognac leather patch from Tanner Goods, tonal stitching and gunmetal hardware.
I came into the shop one morning to find this big gold security truck and a bunch of guys in black suits milling around. I think they were filming some kind of small film or short; they were posted up outside our shop for maybe 3 hours or so (before we opened up). It seemed like a pretty low key operation, no permits were obtained.
Yes, they do. My ST-100x are pretty much at sweatpants level now (1 year of pretty regular wear) but they softened up significantly right around the 6 month mark, where you're at.
I remember you, you came with you family right? Look forward to seeing the photos!
Thanks for stopping by, everyone - it was nice meeting lots of you. Although the sale is done,we do have a few pieces elft over that some of you were asking about in this thread. I'll be in the office between noon and 6pm tomorrow (10/24), so if anyone wants to stop by to pick something up, do come on by. We still have boiled wool vests in M-XL (both colors), one grey duffel coat in XL, and a few pairs of black and grey jeans in sizes 28-30, 34 and 36.
Sorry you were disappointed in the sale, Pseudonym; hopefully the coffee and the service were to your liking!
They're just finishing that jean up at the factory - it should go to SENY and SELA within 2 weeks at most. Style # is ST-211.
Heather grey, navy and black - and honestly, all three are really good.
We've found the length of the body to be slightly extended on them. Thomas at SENY thought the old one was too short (he's over 6' tall) and the new fit is perfect for him.
They don't need a presoak as the denim is sanforized - you are good to go.
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