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some pictures of aaron d.'s 9 month old 3sixteen+ 21bsps:
That was me - nice meeting you! See you soon...
They should be from the new run, but the easiest way is to check the pocketbag print; we only started using that new artwork once we moved over to the Kuroki denim:http://www.nordicdenimhouse.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/3sixteen-pocket-bag.jpg
3sixteen Stadium Jacket 3sixteen SL-120x Grenson Por Larranaga Petit Corona
Everything you said is correct. However if you thought you could have went with a 30 in the Rescues, you may want to consider a 31 in the SL-100x...
A few hours of wear will get you some stretch, but for them to really get comfortable you'll need to give them a full week or two of wear. They still need to break in, give them some time and you'll be alright.
uninkco: Here's a closeup shot of the 120x shadow denim. Indigo warp threads and black weft threads combine to give the denim a deep navy color on the outside and a blackish color on the inside. This will fade to a bright, electric blue with wear. Other details include a heavyweight Cognac leather patch from Tanner Goods, tonal stitching and gunmetal hardware.
I came into the shop one morning to find this big gold security truck and a bunch of guys in black suits milling around. I think they were filming some kind of small film or short; they were posted up outside our shop for maybe 3 hours or so (before we opened up). It seemed like a pretty low key operation, no permits were obtained.
Yes, they do. My ST-100x are pretty much at sweatpants level now (1 year of pretty regular wear) but they softened up significantly right around the 6 month mark, where you're at.
I remember you, you came with you family right? Look forward to seeing the photos!
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