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Unfortunately that's going to be the case with almost any raw denim that you get into, ours included. Cuffing can help with this slightly but you'll notice the bleeding will drop off after a month or two of consistent wear. You could give them an intitial soak or wash, but the jeans will continue to bleed for that first month or so, there's really no way to get around this. Stick with the dark shoes until you can rub a piece of white paper on the cuff and you don't see...
Glad you guys like the jeans. The thread will begin to contrast with the jean more as they age. And don't worry about creases setting in, they feel soft because of the inside hand of the denim (this is characteristic of all our custom woven denim from Kuroki). Enjoy them guys!
They do fade with very hard wear over time, but for the most part they stay a deep black. Here's an example of what happens if you wear them daily and wash them often:
You'd need to wait for them to post on SE to have the chainstitch hem option - sorry!
Hey, thanks for bringing that up. We can and should update our sizing chart to more accurately communicate our measuring methods. You are correct that we measure them by laying them flat and measuring the back waistband and multiplying that by two - this is the preferred method of measuring jean waists and is done quite commonly. As for your question on the button, the "3sixteen NYC" shank is from our most recent run. Let me know if we can be of any further help.
Those last two pairs are unreal. Great job to both of you.
Yes - they are on the cutting table now and will hopefully deliver in early September.
Very few jeans in the world fade the way Samurai blacks do; with that said here's some photos of a pair of 3sixteen ST-200x after a year and a half of hard wear:
We'll have finalized measurements as soon as we finish our run; I have what they should measure out as according to our patterns and grading, but jeans sometimes sew up slightly differently. We're hoping to have these out in a month or so.
The sizing is consistent, you should be a size 33 in the ST-120x as well.
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