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Hey, thanks for bringing that up. We can and should update our sizing chart to more accurately communicate our measuring methods. You are correct that we measure them by laying them flat and measuring the back waistband and multiplying that by two - this is the preferred method of measuring jean waists and is done quite commonly. As for your question on the button, the "3sixteen NYC" shank is from our most recent run. Let me know if we can be of any further help.
Those last two pairs are unreal. Great job to both of you.
Yes - they are on the cutting table now and will hopefully deliver in early September.
Very few jeans in the world fade the way Samurai blacks do; with that said here's some photos of a pair of 3sixteen ST-200x after a year and a half of hard wear:
We'll have finalized measurements as soon as we finish our run; I have what they should measure out as according to our patterns and grading, but jeans sometimes sew up slightly differently. We're hoping to have these out in a month or so.
The sizing is consistent, you should be a size 33 in the ST-120x as well.
Thanks for bringing this up. The current SL and ST fits are finalized and will not be changed going forward. For those who might want the pockets to sit higher, you might want to consider our CS-100x cut that will be coming out later this summer. This is the straighter leg, higher rise jean that sazon mentioned; CS is named for "Classic Straight" as it's a more vintage inspired fit.
3sixteen's annual sale is on - 50 to 70% off: http://www.3sixteen.com/collections/sale
I do most of the repairs at Self Edge NY, feel free to ask me any questions about our services. And as for hemming, we prefer to cut the jean to length and make a new hem on our union special 43200g chainstitch machine.... original hems look sloppy once you look inside the jean cuff. If you're wearing the jean often you'll get nice roping and fading at the hem pretty quickly.
After a soak they will fit like the SL-100x, they are based off the same cut. That being said we did make some slight modifications to our SL cut last year so they might be slightly slimmer than the ones you've bought in the past. They don't have a chainstitched hem from the factory but we will be happy to put one on the jeans for you. Stop by SENY sometime and we can size you correctly.
New Posts  All Forums: