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If anyone was looking for the Flat Head bracelets, we just got a shipment of them in this weekend at SENY...
Richard Haines for 3sixteen. Richard Haines is a menswear designer and artist who runs a fascinating blog entitled “What I Saw Today,” a visual record of all the inspiring outfits he sees while roaming New York. Recently, he was employed by J.Crew to help launch their new Men’s Shop in Manhattan - his artwork was used in their storefront display and he was on site doing live sketches of customers. Several months ago, we commissioned Richard to help us with our FW09...
^irbe: the duffel coat is quite heavy... it's a winter weight coat. And it is lined.
In addition to the Weekender Kit, we've got a few more summer items that have just released exclusively at Self Edge NY and in our webstore. We've also put up some restocks on some of our popular tie releases, and have added a few more new ones to the mix. New additions include the light blue chambray tie, the striped blueberry linen tie, and a lightweight cotton plaid tie. The citrus plaid and the indigo chambray ties are restocks. We're finally releasing our...
Here they are.
Hey everyone - glad to hear everyone's interest on the are some responses. Duffel coat: It'll be shipping in September, and the retail price will be $440. It's a very detailed coat and is made in the USA. The hood will unbutton so you can have lots of options with the different looks. Shawl collar: It's a cotton knit with a wooden toggle at the neck.
Hey - Self Edge SF/web will be receiving a restock next week. If you'd like to call SENY for a phone order, we have size 32 SL-100x's in stock. PS: nice pic, mikey... Quote: Originally Posted by fishscale can anyone help a newb with a site (or if youre selling shoot me a pm) that carries SL-100x (Straight Leg) - Raw Indigo Selvedge Denim in a 31" 32" or 33", 32" is preferred, any help is much appreciated
SENY does not share stock with SESF or the webstore. Thus, any exchanges you need to make will require you to mail them back to the SF store. Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Hey Kiya, I noticed that online store credit doesn't apply at SENY. Does that mean that if I go ahead and order jeans from the website now and don't like the fit, I couldn't exchange them for a different pair when I'm in New York next week?
Thanks to everyone for coming out - we really appreciate the support! Mike - that absinthe was lethal.
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