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SENY does not share stock with SESF or the webstore. Thus, any exchanges you need to make will require you to mail them back to the SF store. Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Hey Kiya, I noticed that online store credit doesn't apply at SENY. Does that mean that if I go ahead and order jeans from the website now and don't like the fit, I couldn't exchange them for a different pair when I'm in New York next week?
Thanks to everyone for coming out - we really appreciate the support! Mike - that absinthe was lethal.
Denim doesn't stretch after washes - if anything you may see a slight shrink in the denim, but the waist will stretch back out again after a wear or two. Our suggestion is this: if you can't comfortably button the jeans up when you receive them, then you should probably exchange them for a larger size. They will stretch in the waist up to 1.5" over time but you don't want them to be unbearably uncomfortable while stretching. I am guessing a size 32 will suit you better but...
Just an FYI, none of the denim, Quoddy shoes, leather goods or anything recently released will be included in the sale. I got a few emails regarding those particular items - just wanted to put it out there so no one's disappointed. Most of the items in the sale will be from several seasons back.... lots of tees, and some other assorted goods. Quote: Originally Posted by DECEMBER Anyone going to this and want to find out how much a size 28 ST-210...
Ninja - about 5 sets will be finished in time for the opening of this store... http://www.coolhunting.com/archives/...edge_new_y.php By August 1st, they'll be available for purchase on our online store: http://shop.3sixteen.com
Kiya, what did you have for lunch today?
APK - the SE version of bracelets are 1/8" thinner... many people like the set sizing instead of the variable. I would just buy it from SE.
MonkeyFresh - I definitely remember you and Alex stopping by. I'm not sure if EB will be bringing any pairs in but feel free to contact me directly if you want to order a pair. They'll be on our webstore in about a month or two as well. APK - I'll get some measurements for you today. But yes, you are correct on those being the only differences. They are both cut from english bridle leather and are also both edge finished with a wax for smoothness.
APK: Kiya's bracelets are a custom run... the leather is slightly slimmer in width, and they have set sizes like you noticed. Our general release bracelets are wider in width and have two size settings that are 1" apart. For people who want a more exact size, feel free to buy from Self Edge. A lot of our retailers like the one size fits all option though, which is why we have that style available.
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