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Thanks for posting the ties, PeterParker - we're really happy with how they came out. They're a great weight for the summertime and add a good splash of color to an outfit. I'm looking forward to adding one to the rotation next week. A few more projects that are slated for a summer release... we've got some great tote bags that we designed with Tanner Goods that are currently in production, and also some heavyweight canvas weekender duffel bags that are made by...
BBSLM, apologies - I just saw the PM. I'm used to having message boards email me when I get one, but I guess I didn't set it up properly to do so at Styleforum. We do our best to keep up to date with customer questions, so my fault on that. The most ironic part of this whole discussion is that the glasses you were interested in aren't even made by us. (These ones, right? http://bit.ly/GJvaC) They're just some generic frames that belong to our model. The ones that are in...
User7, we are running low on the ST-210's but will be running more for the Fall. We still have a roll of black coated denim that we are using but it won't be around forever. You can be sure that there will be availability in the coming months.
APK, you're correct on that - because they're not seasonal they will not be included. Still, there are lots of great finds to be had at the sale... stop by and say hello.
ahjota - thanks for posting that! one item of note that the denim will not be part of the sample sale, as it's not seasonal. we have a few pairs from Lot 001 present, but it will be at full retail price. hope to see some of you there...
Exactly - take a look at our fit pics of the ST's on the last page... you can see that there's really no flare.
kix - we're going to be using all denim that's available at Self Edge. warren - we made the SL in black selvedge last year, and will probably be making more pretty soon as soon as we confirm our next fabric shipment.
Razele, we're pretty sure the black resin coated denim will age well with wear and will provide some interesting results. As far as actual pictures of how the denim wears... we don't have any yet, which is why we're getting ready to launch a contest with Selfedge soon. When Kiya is back from Japan and settled in he'll be posting up details.
Hey guys, here are some more fit pictures of all denim cuts and fabrics available right now. Our fit model is 5'10" and 155 pounds, and is wearing a size 29 in all the cuts. Straight Leg: Slim Leg:
Thanks for posting that kix - here are two more looks from Fall09 that were posted up. Everything the model is wearing - from the eyeglass frames to the shoes - is made by 3sixteen. Appreciate all of the feedback thus far.
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