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Ninja - about 5 sets will be finished in time for the opening of this store... http://www.coolhunting.com/archives/...edge_new_y.php By August 1st, they'll be available for purchase on our online store: http://shop.3sixteen.com
Kiya, what did you have for lunch today?
APK - the SE version of bracelets are 1/8" thinner... many people like the set sizing instead of the variable. I would just buy it from SE.
MonkeyFresh - I definitely remember you and Alex stopping by. I'm not sure if EB will be bringing any pairs in but feel free to contact me directly if you want to order a pair. They'll be on our webstore in about a month or two as well. APK - I'll get some measurements for you today. But yes, you are correct on those being the only differences. They are both cut from english bridle leather and are also both edge finished with a wax for smoothness.
APK: Kiya's bracelets are a custom run... the leather is slightly slimmer in width, and they have set sizes like you noticed. Our general release bracelets are wider in width and have two size settings that are 1" apart. For people who want a more exact size, feel free to buy from Self Edge. A lot of our retailers like the one size fits all option though, which is why we have that style available.
Nice pictures Josh. After 150+ men groped and stroked my personal Quoddy shoes at the Pop Up Flea, I finally devirginized them today. It was worth the wait.
somatoform - here's some additional information on the Weekender kit: Yes, the duffel bag is made by Beckel Canvas, but we had to buy the fabric ourselves, source some new leather hides (via our friends at Tanner Goods) to have the tan leather accents, and buy upgraded hardware. The Weekender kit also includes a custom toiletry bag and a Dickson Hairshop x 3sixteen toiletry kit (retail $50) as well as a shoulder strap that also has upgraded hardware. As for pricing, we're...
Yeah I agree - I met a lot of talented and creative folks there too. Glad we were able to be a part of it. Thanks for checking it out! Quote: Originally Posted by London I went yesterday to the pop up flea. Some cool stuff over there.
Heading over to the Pop Up Flea in an hour or two to begin setting up - anyone planning on going? Hope to see you there...
Hey - we're not releasing any wallets per se.... we are going to be putting out some cardholders that are going to be made for us by Tanner Goods. They are in our mid-August delivery. I can't release images yet but we'll post them here as soon as we're ready to. Quote: Originally Posted by cancel.sing I'd love to see some pictures of the wallets... If not, can we get some details on them?
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