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Antonio S. | SL-100x
Wanted to share our newest "A day with 3sixteen" video that we filmed in SF, including a special guest appearance by Kiya & Demitra. Enjoy!
Sorry for your experience. We've got some new accounts in the pipeline that should be a lot more helpful than the folks at Club Monaco. Stay tuned...
The new run is finishing up now and should ship to all accounts in 2 weeks or so.
We're still closed today and will remain closed indefinitely as Hurricane Sandy repair and cleanup efforts continue. We'll post up here when we're able to reopen. In the meantime, for those who were not able to make it to the party two Saturdays ago to meet the Iron Heart team, here's the next best thing - a very rare appearance by Haraki-san on video! http://bit.ly/YfddTG
Heads up folks, due to the impending hurricane and the resulting shutdown of public transit, SENY will be closed tomorrow, 10/29, and may be slightly delayed in opening up on 10/30 depending on how the hurricane progresses. If you'd like to stop by on Tuesday, please be sure to call ahead to make sure we're there. To all our east coast customers, stay safe.
Unfortunately that's going to be the case with almost any raw denim that you get into, ours included. Cuffing can help with this slightly but you'll notice the bleeding will drop off after a month or two of consistent wear. You could give them an intitial soak or wash, but the jeans will continue to bleed for that first month or so, there's really no way to get around this. Stick with the dark shoes until you can rub a piece of white paper on the cuff and you don't see...
Glad you guys like the jeans. The thread will begin to contrast with the jean more as they age. And don't worry about creases setting in, they feel soft because of the inside hand of the denim (this is characteristic of all our custom woven denim from Kuroki). Enjoy them guys!
They do fade with very hard wear over time, but for the most part they stay a deep black. Here's an example of what happens if you wear them daily and wash them often:
You'd need to wait for them to post on SE to have the chainstitch hem option - sorry!
New Posts  All Forums: