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Thanks. I try and look presentable as often as I can, but having two young kids makes this pretty hard sometimes.
Although Pairate elected to post our email conversation here before replying to us, I've already reached out to him directly via email and have offered him a full refund including shipping charges. Since it's been discussed publicly here I thought I should let everyone know the conclusion of the situation. I should state that in our time in working with Brett, we have found him to be extremely detail oriented - this is the main reason we all love Viberg's work. There is...
Definitely a mistake. We're putting together a shipment for them this week. Sit tight!
Thanks for the support and for the helpful answers!
My suggestion is to stick with em for another two weeks, as it'll take some time for them to stretch out. My pair left some red marks too and after 3-4 weeks they were much more comfortable. If you're really unsure, you can always email photos of how the jeans fit to us at info@3sixteen.com and we can assess further.
When we designed the fabric we thought the black would stay pretty deep. In general, black jeans are much harder to fade than indigo too. Now that the 220x jeans have been around for 1.5-2 years, we're starting to see some worn in jeans come back for repairs. In some cases, the black has retained its color well but when worn pretty hard they actually do fade to a grey. Here's one extreme example, it belongs to a drummer who tours often and wears the jeans every day. I...
Thanks for the support! Sounds like you are in the right size - if the thighs don't start out that tight then you won't experience too much stretch in them. Jeans stretch more where there's pressure. Our denim overall stretches less than others, so you'll be fine.Those are the ST-220x, I don't believe Bergdorf picked up the Double Blacks in the SL cut. Glad you are liking the fit and the fabric! Sorry for the late reply on your question - our denim is sanforized so there's...
Hey - this is an easy fix. You can bring it to any tailor and they can open the selvedge back up and rehem the jeans. Sorry about that, but all sales were indeed final and there are no exchanges. The good news is that you got a pair of $250 jeans for more than 50% off and it's just a $5 fix at most. Thanks for the support and enjoy the jeans.
This jean is available via SENY or SELA and you can definitely phone it in.
Antonio S. | SL-100x
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