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Quote: Originally Posted by scb walked out with the 634s. thanks It was great meeting you - glad they worked out!
3sixteen Oxford 3sixteen x Tanner Double Wrap 3sixteen ST-100x Bass Barret Coffee Foundry Iced Bolivian + condensed milk
Price drop: $250 shipped in the US, $265 internationally.
Visvim Mowat Mocs, size 10 US for sale. Worn approximately 20 times - soles are still perfect, shoes are in great condition and have lots of life left in them. Retailed for $450, asking for $250 shipped in the US (add $15 if outside the US). Payment via Paypal... add 4% or send as gift.
For sale are two pairs of Samurai jeans, both brand new and unworn with all tags attached. Please note that both jeans have been soaked and chainstitched to 30.5" inseams. A hot soak may yield slightly more shrinkage, but it can be assumed that most of the shrinkage is gone. Message me with any questions - I will entertain reasonable offers. First up, a pair of S710XX 19oz. in size 31. No arcuates, but back tab is intact. $260 shipped anywhere in the US, $270 shipped...
Quote: Originally Posted by socialdtk Will you be getting anymore FH Sterling Silver Key Hooks in? Alternately, we do have a few at SENY for phone order - shipping is free. 212/388.0079.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Here's the waist: it has at least an inch when I pull a loop with medium pressure (not real hard, but the slack is not just hanging that way, either). It sounds like they should work. These are my first unsanforized. I'm just a little paranoid about having too much room in the waist, upper thighs, and/or seat in the long haul after a little stretching. Don't want any anti-fit thing going on. You have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Flat Head 1001 pre-soak. Did I size these correctly, or should I go down another size? As long as you have 1" of room in the waist, you're good. I definitely wouldn't go down a size from that.
New Dry Bones short sleeve shirts have arrived at SENY for the summertime - these are exclusive to the NY store. Feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call at 212.388.0079 for a phone order (shipping is free). Crazy Short Sleeve Gingham Check Short Sleeve Navy Stripe Short Sleeve Mint Short Sleeve Seafoam Candy Stripe Short Sleeve Beige Candy Stripe Short Sleeve Blue Chambray Short Sleeve
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Thanks for that. Any recommendation for a brand/model with a slim straight cut similar to 634s but with lighter weight denim for warmer weather? Don't necessarily need a 'summer jean', just looking for a good cut with normal weight denim, 14.5 oz or less. I take 31 in both Sugar Cane and in the 634S. Looking for the following leg dimensions, or close: \tthigh: 11.5 - 11.75 \tknee: 9 \them: 8.5 - 8.75 FWIW,...
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