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3sixteen Flat Head F380 Quoddy for 3sixteen
Regarding Revolve, no discount codes will work on any denim purchases going forward. We have a strict no-discount policy on our denim, and it was something they forgot to put in place when they launched the product. We've spoken with them and it's been rectified. Munchy, I'll be at Self Edge NY all day tomorrow. Stop by.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol that looks amazing It is amazing, but my guess is the food is a bit fatty for your girlish figure, no?
Some more delivery boy steez for you, Uncontrol. Picked up lunch for the team today... RRL Roast duck and roast pork on rice FH F380 RW
I like where your head's at.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou ^Eggplant parm would have brought the fit to the next level, Andrew. Give it a try next time. You know I'm not a big eggplant parm fan, but my wife is. I've been inspired by your suggestion to bread and fry up some chicken breast for my next ziti plate though. Next fit pic will just be a photo of the tray's contents.
Love the discussion here - thanks for the entertainment guys. Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota ajchen, how's that Ervell sweater? I want it badly. My buddy bought it from a thrift store in LA for $20 - it didn't fit him so he gave it to me. Price aside, it's a great sweater.... the alpaca is super soft, albeit prone to pilling. Buy a sweater shaver at the same time and you'll be good.
APC Patrik Ervell J. Crew Ziti Skull 5010 Clarks
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky If I order a pair of the SL300 grey jeans from the 3sixteen site right now, which run are they going to be from? Also, does the size/stretching mirror that of the SL100 from the most recent run (that I got from Self Edge last week)? Good question. I believe that most of our current stock in SL-300 is from the newest run, but to be sure just enter a note when submitting your order that you'd like a...
We've just received some new Dry Bones shirts at SENY that are exclusive to the NY store.... if you're interested in picking one up and you're not local to us, give us a call at 212.388.0079 for a phone order. DB Classic Blue Pinstripe Shirt: DB Pinstripe Shirt (also comes in Beige): DB Classic Blue Workshirt: Lastly, we just received a Sugar Cane Cotton Twill Shirt Sleeve (available at SESF soon):
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