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Quote: Originally Posted by geeti Question about RJB why is the 66BSPBK - 19cm Slim Tapered much cheaper than other RJB brand? any particular reasons? That model has been discontinued and has thus been reduced in price.
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered (Also posted in main jeans thread)On a second note - I'm finally getting the itch to pick up some jeans above the APC/3Sixteen tier... but the higher end brands all seem to be super heavy. I live in SoCal, so i'm not so sure super heavy denim would be a great idea... what could i get in a weight that fits straight and maybe somewhat slim like the 3Sixt SL models or the APC NS that wouldn't run me more than $300?...
MFSC SExT11 Wolverine 1000 Mile Ascot
The New York Times just gave SENY its third writeup since we've opened... this one is entirely dedicated to the shop and is quite in depth. It should be showing up in Sunday's print copy, but is currently posted up online for your reading enjoyment: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/15/fa...html?ref=style
Quote: Originally Posted by Guyute if someone wouldn't mind for this newb, to directly compare the fit/cut of the SL-100 vs. 501 STF... what would be expected differences in cut/fit thanks The cuts are very different... the SL cut is a modern slim straight leg, which means that it's not very roomy in the thigh and has a slight taper from the knee to the leg opening. The 501 will give you a much roomier thigh and calf - it's a traditional...
@Xenox @Superbobo: Thanks! @Norcal: Haha - I haven't gotten into a fight since middle school (which I lost). I wonder how I'd fare nowadays. Probably not too well.
3sixteen Flat Head F380 Quoddy for 3sixteen
Regarding Revolve, no discount codes will work on any denim purchases going forward. We have a strict no-discount policy on our denim, and it was something they forgot to put in place when they launched the product. We've spoken with them and it's been rectified. Munchy, I'll be at Self Edge NY all day tomorrow. Stop by.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol that looks amazing It is amazing, but my guess is the food is a bit fatty for your girlish figure, no?
Some more delivery boy steez for you, Uncontrol. Picked up lunch for the team today... RRL Roast duck and roast pork on rice FH F380 RW
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