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Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Flat Head 1001 pre-soak. Did I size these correctly, or should I go down another size? As long as you have 1" of room in the waist, you're good. I definitely wouldn't go down a size from that.
New Dry Bones short sleeve shirts have arrived at SENY for the summertime - these are exclusive to the NY store. Feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call at 212.388.0079 for a phone order (shipping is free). Crazy Short Sleeve Gingham Check Short Sleeve Navy Stripe Short Sleeve Mint Short Sleeve Seafoam Candy Stripe Short Sleeve Beige Candy Stripe Short Sleeve Blue Chambray Short Sleeve
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Thanks for that. Any recommendation for a brand/model with a slim straight cut similar to 634s but with lighter weight denim for warmer weather? Don't necessarily need a 'summer jean', just looking for a good cut with normal weight denim, 14.5 oz or less. I take 31 in both Sugar Cane and in the 634S. Looking for the following leg dimensions, or close: \tthigh: 11.5 - 11.75 \tknee: 9 \them: 8.5 - 8.75 FWIW,...
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered ^^Looking for a similar fit to some of those i think... first dry denim i was getting was super slim and tapered... now i'm wanting something more of a regular straight fit with high 7 or 8" leg opening without being loose or overall baggy... i was looking at the skull 5507 before but they seem maybe borderline for what i'm wanting now. Do you think they'd work? I already have the IH 634S, FH F310, and Sugarcane...
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky That's what I thought, but on the 3sixteen site it references black denim. Wasn't sure if that had changed or something. I can see how that wording was confusing.... it's been rearranged to read a bit more clearly. Thanks for the heads up.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Yay. See you in NYC on Sat, hopefully. Might have been answered, but you got stock on those in NY yet? Absolutely. Sold a pair just yesterday...
^Both Strike Gold models feature a button fly.
A lot of great looking jeans in here.... thanks for posting up, guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by rbny Kiya, I normally wear Rag and Bone RB11s and like the fit. Do you think that 3Sixteen SL-100x fits similarly? My hips are wider than my waist and I have muscular legs and glutes. Not too familiar with any of the Rag & Bone cuts, but the SL-100x is a straight leg with a fair bit of slimness to it. If you have bigger thighs and glutes, I'd suggest you also look at the Flat Head F380 and the RJB 105BSP - you may...
Quote: Originally Posted by geeti Question about RJB why is the 66BSPBK - 19cm Slim Tapered much cheaper than other RJB brand? any particular reasons? That model has been discontinued and has thus been reduced in price.
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