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Quote: Originally Posted by captmomo thanks. what about Flat Head SE05BSP? I would put those in the "go even slimmer" list... they've got a more aggressive taper than the Red-D, but are a fantastic jean if you are able to get into a jean that's slimmer in the calf.
Quote: Originally Posted by captmomo Hi, I really like the fit of the dry bones red-d, do you mind recommending me a pair of jeans with a similar cut? From what I see, some of the measurements may not give a accurate representation of the actual fit of the jeans. Thanks. From my experience, some jeans that similarly to the Red-D's are: -Skull 5010xx -3sixteen ST-100x / 3sixteen+ 20BSP If you want to go even slimmer, check out the...
Quote: Originally Posted by JOA When do you expect a restock of the F380? Tried to buy a pair of 33 or 34s over the weekend, but you're out online. We have a pair of size 34 left in our NY store... call us if you'd like to place a phone order. 212.388.0079.
3sixteen+. Coming to all Self Edge stores and on Wednesday, August 4th 2010. Additional details forthcoming.
Quote: Originally Posted by thomasec Do you have any left at the NY store in a size 31? We are out of stock in all sizes unfortunately.
For those of you who weren't able to make it out to the SENY party last Sunday, this video is the next best thing. Our good friend Kellen documented the afternoon for us:
For those who were patiently awaiting the video, here it is...
Quote: Originally Posted by brozeus Maybe its still too early, but do you guys think the duffle coat will be back for FW 10? (hopefully the fix the issue with the pockets not matching up) I wish I woulda picked it up last year... It's not too early to ask - the duffel coat will be returning this Fall in new colors, since we sold out of them so quickly last season. We'll let you know when it's available, but plan for middle to late September.
Video footage to come shortly... here are some pics:
Pics tomorrow.
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