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Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound i made a simple request for the jeans i didn't get a yes or no answer. so i assumed since its something i always do when i order from gordon i didn't think it was a problem. guess it was a no. thats what happens when you try to mix it up and give other people business. Take a look in the back pocket; did you see some scraps in there? Those were the leftover cuffs that you requested. I was the one who...
Quote: Originally Posted by davichan hey ajchen, any small or XS sizes in those shirts? thanks. Davi, we have all shirts in size S and they feature a slim fit; I think you will like them quite a bit.
Along with debuting ROY jeans, we're also excited to introduce a new brand at Self Edge New York: Sunny Sports. We've just received several styles today; here are a few teaser images. The Wool CPO overshirt is definitely a standout.... stop by SENY and check them out this weekend.
From a few days ago.... 3sixteen Grenson Bolivia San Ignacio Organic
Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound size 28 for the 634s overdye. Just sent you a PM.
At City Museum in St. Louis, MO.
Quote: Originally Posted by kylelovesyou I got my 3sixteen+ in the mail on Friday, so I've only worn them twice. They were a touch slimmer than I was expecting, but not too tight. I'd definitely size up one inch if I bought another pair. That said, they have already stretched a bit and feel much better after just a few wears, so I'll have to see how much more stretching I get over the next two months. Overall, though, I quite like the jeans, and am...
MFSC 3sixteen Grenson Iced Colombian
Quote: Originally Posted by captmomo Thanks. I just finished browsing thru the 3sixteen thread, and I'll most probably pick up a ST-100x for my next pair. May I know when the size29s be in stock? I'm basing my sizing off the pics ajchen posted as my ht/wt is about the same. As for the 20BSP, should I go with 29s too? Yep, you'd be a size 29 in both the ST-100x and the 20BSP. The ST-100x should be back in stock at Self Edge by the end of the...
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