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Next up are some new shirts from Sunny Sports - these are only available at SENY. The Melton Wool CPO shirt features great stitching and pocket details, as well as naval buttons: Vintage BD Shirt: Kasuri Workshirt: Denim Shirt: Give us a call at SENY with any questions (212.388.0079); shipping is free worldwide.
New shirts and outerwear pieces from 3sixteen have arrived at SENY and SELA. First up is the Utility Shirt in a light blue chambray with white contrast stitching: The Melton Wool Overshirt features heavyweight wool material, lined cuffs, and enlarged buttons - they come in both grey buffalo check and eggplant colorways. Charcoal and Black Boiled Wool Vests are new for the season and feature an insulating polyfill lining as well as an extended collar that...
maltess - you're in the right size. give them two weeks and they will stretch out comfortably.
Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound i made a simple request for the jeans i didn't get a yes or no answer. so i assumed since its something i always do when i order from gordon i didn't think it was a problem. guess it was a no. thats what happens when you try to mix it up and give other people business. Take a look in the back pocket; did you see some scraps in there? Those were the leftover cuffs that you requested. I was the one who...
Quote: Originally Posted by davichan hey ajchen, any small or XS sizes in those shirts? thanks. Davi, we have all shirts in size S and they feature a slim fit; I think you will like them quite a bit.
Along with debuting ROY jeans, we're also excited to introduce a new brand at Self Edge New York: Sunny Sports. We've just received several styles today; here are a few teaser images. The Wool CPO overshirt is definitely a standout.... stop by SENY and check them out this weekend.
From a few days ago.... 3sixteen Grenson Bolivia San Ignacio Organic
Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound size 28 for the 634s overdye. Just sent you a PM.
At City Museum in St. Louis, MO.
Quote: Originally Posted by kylelovesyou I got my 3sixteen+ in the mail on Friday, so I've only worn them twice. They were a touch slimmer than I was expecting, but not too tight. I'd definitely size up one inch if I bought another pair. That said, they have already stretched a bit and feel much better after just a few wears, so I'll have to see how much more stretching I get over the next two months. Overall, though, I quite like the jeans, and am...
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