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Heads up everyone who's coming to the sample sale on Saturday - we had to move the start time back from 10am to 11am. Sunday hours remain the same. I'm sure some of you will arrive early anyways but wanted to let you know so that you could plan accordingly. See you there!
It does. If you come by this weekend, say hello!
There are other reasons to come to LA - make a fun weekend out of it!And if you fly all the way from MI for the sample sale, you are definitely my friend.
This upcoming weekend, we will be holding a sample sale in LA. Hours are below, and you can find more information here: Friday, January 8th: 5-8p (Friends & Family only) Saturday, January 9th: 11a-6p Sunday, January 10th: 12-5p 912 E. 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90013
Thanks dude! More photos:
That's exactly how this chair should be used. Please reach out to me directly whenever you're ready, I'll help out in any way that I can!
For many reasons, they will not be in production for general availability. We really pushed for it but the nature of the leather has Herman Miller concerned that customers will complain about it. All the leathers they offer have been extensively tested and they have stringent requirements for them. Of course, the beauty of this makeup is how much it will change but I can understand their commitment to their brand. It's too bad that there won't be more out there, but we are...
So good, Zack.
Yes, 1" is about the max you should expect out of the 14.5oz denim. So if you want a jean that will end up at 35" I would take the tagged 33.
Yes, coming up this fall!
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