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I'd recommend taking the size 33's. We found that this batch of heavyweights sewed down a little small, so a 33 is a true 33 to 33.25" in the waist as opposed to our usual vanity sizing of 1" from tagged size. That being said, this denim stretches more than our flagship 14.5oz so you'll get a good 1.5" of stretch over the first month of wear - so while they'll be snug at first, you can get the tagged 33 to a 34.5" no problem. Hope this helps!
Jordan C.'s 21BSP's at the 2 year mark with 5 washes:
You are correct.
A few snaps of my Viberg 1950 service boots on the 2030 last in brown harness leather at the 3 year mark.
If you don't mind wearing a belt and comfort from day one is key for you, then stick with the 34's. The 33's will stretch 1" in the waist over the first 20 wears, so my personal recommendation would be to stick with those - however, if they are so uncomfortable that you know you won't wear them, better to stick with the 34 and just be ready to wear a belt when the waist stretches eventually.
Stick with it, it takes 2-3 weeks of wear to get maximum stretch, which is 1" in the waist. The fabric will soften noticeably, but that will happen after more extended wear. Stick with them, they will stretch and soften soon enough.
For those of you who've grown fond of the 30BSP fit: next week, the 32BSP arrives at all Self Edge stores. It's the 30BSP fit in our flagship 14.5oz shadow selvedge denim with a brand new patch design courtesy of our buddy Tron of Tanner Goods. We ran 100 pairs of the 32BSP and as of now there aren't any plans to replenish them once they've sold out. Swing by your nearest Self Edge store to check them out, or look for them to post online at selfedge.com soon.
I wore them 6 days a week for the 11 months - every now and then I rotated in an older pair of jeans but altogether that might have added up to 3 weeks. I machine washed them 4 times, so once every 2-3 months.
As the warp yarn fades from indigo to dark blue to light blue to eventually grey/white, there's more contrast if the fill yarn is darker vs lighter, as opposed to light blue against traditional white fill yarns. That's why shadow jeans appear to fade more quickly than traditional blue jeans, because the black weft makes the fading warp yarns pop more.In fact if you want a more traditional fade, I would suggest the 130x (indigo x white) heavyweight...
The 17oz denim is a completely different animal. The fabric itself is stiffer, crunchier and has a more abrasive hand to it than the 14.5oz denim which has a tighter weave and is extremely soft on the inside. The 17oz denim will soften up a bit over time with wear but you'll never mistake one for the other. Since you have the shadow denim right now, I'd look into the 140x denim which has the brown fill yarn - this will yield faster fades since there will be more contrast...
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