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I hate it when guys shave their junk in the steam room - for gods sake man no one wants to see you do this ! ! !
I wear my suit and change into my gym clothes there in my locked locker. My gym has a laundry service so they get washed there. Nice I don't have to carry anything. I keep my shaving gear there too and show up at work freshly showered and shaved.
ha ha guys who wear their swim suits while taking a shower - ok so I don't hate them but I do laugh
Hey buddy...time to wash under that foreskin. LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Do you use hairpins/hairclips to mould your desired hairstyle? Only when I'm braiding my chest hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Is it possible for the skin overlying the glans to become keratinized and thus be susceptible to skin cancer? You can get a yeast infection which makes the skin itch, crack and sometimes bleed, it also can become tighter and not retract easily.
I decided not to trim anything, but I would like to thank everyone for their replies.
I like dirty and smelly and so does she - the cheesier the better.
Quote: Originally Posted by tolo Shaving legs is annoying it grows back overnight. I epilate my legs and arms and wax chest and balls. Hairy guise are repulsive and I'm considering professional electrolysis for facial hair LOL yeah and if you cut off your balls you'll look even more like a woman
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 this could be cured by opening a gym for naked old fat men, a la Curves. You're right. Then all the young shy guys can shower wearing their shorts or swim trunks and think it normal - LOL
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