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Haven't seen it...the reviews aren't too hot, but it looks like the kind of movie I might enjoy. It is based on a Bret Easton Ellis book after all...
+1 for RockNRolla, good guys movie.
Training Day Crank Four Brothers The Matador Con Air Goodfellas Fight Club The Rundown Shooter Hitman Heat Collateral Super Troopers The Boondock Saints +1 for 300, Fear and Loathing, and Snatch EDIT: Ong-bak for kung fu movie :P
She was on the tonight show on Tuesday...she wasn't nearly that fat. She was a little fat, but no where near that bad. You can watch it here: Just click to the last dot (she's on at the end).
You work for money, right? Unless you think the "atmosphere and perks" are worth losing 10k a year over. You don't want to take a step down if you can avoid it.
Ahhh Five Guys, greasy goodness. I usually get the Bacon Cheeseburger w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, and barbeque sauce. Fries w/ vinegar.
Well when you're a multi-millionaire, it can't be too hard to look good if you want to
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Mhmm. Who's that in your avatar? Adriana Lima, of course!
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