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17: Whelan 18: Kurylenko 19: Cruz 20: Dawn 21: Alba 22: Lima 23: Ambrosio 24: Trump
Quote: Originally Posted by darnelled Those comments made my day. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by x26 People like Jimmy Fallon really make Conan great. Jimmy Fallon is total Fail... This.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZackyBoy You'll need an Obama backpack, Obama travel mug, Mac iBook, scarf to wear year round, toque to wear year round (that doesn't fully sit on your head) and a refreshing love of the NDP. Then you'll be a proper Canadian student! LOL. To the OP, going back to school is definitely a good choice that you won't regret! I'm doing the same thing. Worked for about 2 years as a Sys Admin, was doing well, but...
I still like the white one better... school isn't on the list
Mmmmmm...wouldn't mind seeing more of her myself.
In before death and destruction
All spam goes straight to my spam folder, which I completely ignore. I never have any problems with spam going to my inbox.
Quote: Originally Posted by eddy98 I would like an invite to Demoniod. I was previously a member of another torrent community and have an excellent ratio. PM me if you have an extra invite and I'll gladly show you proof. PM'ed
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