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Well that seems to be the formula around here
Do these jobs crush your soul or is it just me? Any tips for maintaining sanity while stuck behind a computer screen in a cube all day?
WTF is COD5? It's Modern Warfare 2.
Yeah, while it seems a crime to complain about women of this caliber, some of them are too damn skinny for my taste. Out of those pics, Doutzen Kroes looks the best IMO...she's got some good woman-meat on her bones. Swanepoel/Kerr ain't bad either. Marisa Miller is just getting too old for this business, and she has been working out too much or something, wtf is up with her abs/neck? Alessandra Ambrosio's beauty peaked before she had a baby. She's almost 30 now. It's...
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin Anyone else find the dean's wife super hot? Ehhh, not really my cup of tea :P She's not bad tho... Sundays episode was awesome haha.
I hear Obama is pretty good at killing insects.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 I've considered LE and after doing some research into different local LE departments, some get paid quite well. It just seems to be dependent on where one goes. Near me, Philadelphia / NYC gets paid in the low to mid $30's while surrounding areas start around $60k. A couple of guys that I work out with are local cops and with minimal OT they're making in the low $70k. I guess it depends on what you compare...
Quote: Originally Posted by x26 Local, State or Federal?? Alphabet Agency?? Not that glamorous unfortunately. Non-law enforcement position with the NSA. Sworn law enforcement has always been an interest of mine, just have to decide whether the significant pay cut is worth it. Cops don't get payed dick
Check out the forums...good resource. And the stuff these guys are saying about the polygraph is pretty much true. I'm taking my poly next week.
Last episode got me listening to Swizz Beats "It's Me Bitches" of Ari's "I'm the coolest motherfucker on the earth" walking-with-purpose songs.
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