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He knows what Conservative Business Dress looks like. Everyone knows (in at least a vague, inchoate way) what CBD looks like. He probably knows CBD well enough to mock it.Manton? No. Only the SF denizens know Manton.It's late here in Seattle, I'm going to bed. This might turn into an interesting thread. Congratulations.
The left hand look has too much blue. It’s one dimensional. Monotonous. Oddly unadventurous for someone who appears to be a wanna-be dandy: a rudimentary color matching. Or perhaps it's intentionally ironic. A post modern comment on the conservative colors of Manton's Conservative Business Dress.The brown in the right hand look makes it work because it’s a great contrast with the blue. The brown and white hat and shoes tie everything together.The clothing items fit...
Hello Holdfast,Good choice for comparison.Well, I think the unbalanced saturation fails the left hand look. The dark tie and dark checks of the vest overwhelm the light suit. They pull the eye into the center of the body – away from the face and away from the silhouette of the body.On the right, the color saturation of the jacket matches the saturation of the brown in the scarf. No not matches, perhaps I should say balances the saturation. The brown scarf ties the...
+1Jacket should be 2 inches longer and button point 1 inch lower. The shoulders on the left hand picture appear to be 1/2 too wide. .The pants should be, maybe, 1-2 inches shorter. Both jackets have too much waist suppression.The lapels are gapping but that may be because of your posture. Are you standing unnaturally straight?
Why would Napoleon care if the soldiers snot showed? He didn't mind if their blood showed.
I love three piece suits. Since I went MTO, I only buy 3 piece. I wouldn't say it is any more formal then a 2 piece. However, I think filmmakers and TV use the 3 piece as a visual metaphor for "the boss". I agree with an earlier poster, in most work places, people see the vest the way they see a pocket square -- not as a signal of higher status so much as a signal for 'a dude' I don't mind this. Where I work, people think you're well dressed if you wash you underwear.
They sucked me in.
By using polyester fibers, the manufacturer can blend very low quality cotton fiber. By low quality I mean very short fibers. Fibers so short, they may be unusable as a 100% cotton shirt. Polyester is basically a very long and strong fiber. To get that in cotton, you need the relatively expensive long fiber cotton such as South Sea, etc.
FWIW My tailor here in Seattle (with workshop in HK) has complained for years that there is an enormous amount of counterfeit fabric coming out of China. His long time supplier retired recently complaining that he could not maintain a reliable supply chain.
But, hey, now that I'm here. Go MTM. Hemrajani MTM starts at $800
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