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Wonderful thread, Nutcracker. Thank you
Does this style of wide brimmed hat have a name? Is this a rain hat?
Have you had any experience with Craig's work? I exchanged emails with him last summer but didn't follow up.
I started reading his blog long before I discovered Style forum. Outstanding service and top quality inventory at ASW
+1. Indeed. 19th century English were infatuated with Classical Greek Civilization, Classical English tailoring recapitulates that neo classical aesthetic.The clothing analog to modernist architecture would be the Mao Suit.
1 a blue odd jacket ☺ 2 mid gray flannel pants ☺ 3 decent, nonchino khakis ☺ 4 at least one funky (but tasteful!) nonblue tweed jacket ☺ 5 a mid to dark gray worsted singlebreasted suit ☺ 6 a navy worsted single breasted suit ☺ 7 a white FC shirt ☺ 8 several blue BC shirts, at least one BD ☺ 9 black stitch caps ☺ 10 some tasteful brown oxfords (exact configuration up to you) ☺ 11 loafers in medium brown calf, suede or shell or else burg shell ☺ 12 a solid black tie, knit...
Pure symmetry is boring. Artists introduce asymmetric details into the overall general symmetry to provide surprise, generate interest and pull the eye across the canvas.
No. You have it backwards. Proportion, symmetry and unity are what we find appealing. This is intrinsic to human perception.The rules provide an algorithm for achieving proportion, symmetry and unity
Great post.I'm a bit distracted as I'm reading this while in a meeting discussing big airplanes but, the point that has been made on this forum again and again -- the fashions you describe in point 2 always seem to revert to the mean of the proportions you describe in point 1.
+1The rules derive from aesthetic standards established in western art since the greeks -- proportion and integration of color and texture.'...Plato felt that beautiful objects incorporated proportion, harmony, and unity among their parts. Similarly, in the Metaphysics, Aristotle found that the universal elements of beauty were order, symmetry, and definiteness..."
New Posts  All Forums: