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Indeed. I believe that a well fitting 3 piece is the best way for overweight to minimize the weight.I'm not sure i can articulate why but I believe that the vest breaks up the expanse of the shirt and smooths out the radius of curvature of the stomach -- that fools the eye.When I get more time, I'll post pictures of Jackie Gleason, Edward G Robinson, Sydney Greenstreet. All look better because they are wearing 3 piece.
He looks better in this then those boxy DBs.
Is that shape ironed or cut?
VegTan Outstanding thread! Thank you
Beautiful Trench coat from Timothy Everest. But a white trench coat is not very practical.
With your build, you will struggle to find ready-to-wear that fits. I'd recommend MTM. Go to and look at their tour schedule. If they visit your city, make an appointment. Their jackets start at about $400 US. Suits start at 800
Wear a suit. Any suit. No matter how ill fitting.They want to measure your body.They also want to measure the dimensions of a suit you are wearing. That gives them a starting point for detecting issues of posture, high shoulder, high hip, etc.Measurements of your body only approximate the fitting of a suit. They need more to get a good fit. The standard measurements are only an approximation of the shape of your body. They capture a two-dimensional perspective of your...
I think the seam of the cap toe provides a pivot for the toe of the shoe to bend around. So, a cap toe shoe will accumulate fewer lines or creases in the leather relative to a smooth toe or a whole cut.
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