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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Thanks Noel ! Are you going to explain the Noel Coward reference? C'mon, I hate when I don't get the references.
This is an MTM from Mytailor. I've placed three orders -- each arrived in 5 weeks. I would vigorously recommend being measured by a traveling tailor. On another thread, several people stated they actually sent some of their better fitting shirts to Mytailor in California along with the measurements. I'd suggest going further and send the shirts, measurements and pictures of you wearing the shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Joe seems to have very strongly held notions about what makes a good fit (he seems to value movement/comfort rather than a more modern, tightly-fitted look; I prefer the latter), and it wouldn't surprise me if his notions prevail during an in-person measurement. It's also important to note a couple things about Hemrajani/MyTailor: 1) The shirts will shrink in their first two launderings, and Joe...
Thank you all. This helps a lot. I just realized I've been taking pictures for weeks with the lens zoomed out to the max. I'll try to zoom in a bit. Now, about cameras, what would you recommend if I stepped up from a pocket camera? I take pictures indoors and outdoors but rarely do 'action' shots. We don't get much sunshine in Seattle during the winter. I cannot seem to get enough light for the WAYWT pictures. The flash seems to wash out a lot of the details...
I don't have much experience with cameras so I'm hoping someone on the forum can help Can someone suggest a remedy for the lens distortion I get from my camera? I'm using a Canon Powershot SD1100 Pocket Camera. I think you can see the distortion in the vertical lines in this picture. Do all pocket cameras do this? Do I need a bigger camera?
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Quote: Originally Posted by mjHession I feel slightly better, knowing I only got one worst and a most hairy. : Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Damn nice knot though, and credit for getting some of the 'captain' in the knot. Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria You're a good sport. - B Thanks for the good thoughts. Sorry for the late response: my work shcedule has...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Mozart was better. Bull shit! He is the most overrated composer in history. Vapid, sugary crap. He is the Kenny G of classical music Beethoven rules!
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LOL Wow. Worst in class three out of five days. Thank you. I'm honored by the recognition. Is this like a MacArthur genius grant? Do I win money? Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Voxsartoria's Weekly WAYWRN Subjective and Totally Unfair Digest for the week ending 11/20/2009: Worst denim jacket/necktie combination: Worst necktie: Worst odd jacket ensemble (tie): - B
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