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When people ask I say, ".. I'm driving a loaner while my Beemer is being detailed"
2008 Hyundai Accent < Clothes (by factor of 10)
This is similar to my take.To me the lack of any details except the lacing is reminiscent of a flat expanse of skin with a surgical scar. It is just slightly creepy looking.
I want to bump this. Great idea. Looking forward to seeing the film.
I see I'm too late. But I'm interested in the next order - both 13 and 16 inch
I'm intrigued by this. I've been on a DIY kick the last few years -- Built audio equipment, learned to sew, etc.What will you do with the last?
Manton will never post in this thread. Shame and guilt will drive him away.
Thank you BigRob. I timely reminder. The condition of your shoes are the first thing people notice. An untidy knot has repercussions. Many of the long time posters on SF never accepted the importance of a carefully tied shoelace. I'm talking about Manton, gdl203 and other unfortunates. Doc Holiday's fear of bad lacing drove him to wear boots almost exclusively. Some may say that's an overreaction. But I say, better boots then granny knots.
So, you missed the thread with the consensus that you are the best dressed man in the history of SF?
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