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totally agree!The seam of a cap toe reinforces the vamp so it does not crease as readily. Most whole cuts quickly form waves.Cosmetically, the unbroken surface of the whole cut exaggerates the extension of nose of the shoe.My issue with unbalanced features::I think the unbroken surface of the whole cut pushes the eyes towards the laces. You don't want people noticing the laces, you want them looking at the sheen and richness of the leather. Cap toe, brogueing, etc,...
That was one of my earliest threads. I can't remember why I posted that.
They are usually referred to as Austerity Brogues. They look good with a suit. Sleek.
My favorite thread. I keep coming back again and again.
Clothes make the man because your choice of clothes signals your values. Clothing is a vocabulary. Your choice and combination is the language you speak to the world.
I feel the same way. I've never warmed up to grenadine. A few years ago I was swept up in the SF enthusiasm for Grenadine ties so I bought one from Drakes. As soon as I opened the package, I knew I wouldn't wear it. Sold it 6 months later on the Buy and Sell forum. Lost $50.00.I can't articulate the issue, but to my eyes they lack refinement. The weave is too big, and the pattern too uniform.
I don’t like. They have a bit too much energy.The randomness of the pattern makes them to obtrusive because most of the other items of a suit are thoughtfully ‘unrandom’. I had to double check the tie to verify its not actual bits of confetti from a party.Don’t want individual items of clothing to announce themselves. I like them to be better integrated.These I like. Love these variegated colors and textures.Curious about the addition of nylon. I wonder if that is...
Wearing a watch is a signal of bourgeois middle class values. It signals the wearer is a wage slave who's life is shackled to the schedule and demands of others. Not wearing a time piece is a signal of freedom. Not needing a watch signifies you do not have to attend to the demands of others. This kind of freedom is the highest status of all. Here are two guys, 100 yrs apart, both mocking the slavery of modern life signaled by the watch.
????No. Clothes make the man: Wristwatch is an accessory.Only a parvenu would think he can obtain status with a wristwatch.No. Men of importance do not wear watches. Nor do they carry briefcases or carry money. Their aides, secrataries, etc do this for them. Having other people handle the mundane details of daily life is a signifier of social status.Men of the highest importance do not wear watches because they do not need to adhere to a schedule. All meetings, events...
I agree
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