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I have nothing to say, only wanted to express how impressed I am -- Thomas Becket reference in Style Forum!!
I thought the implication was that he was on the pad as a Chicago detective before transferring to the NYPD.To me he was the American version of what Holdfast is describing.By the way, Farina really was a Chicago cop before becoming an actor.
Holdfast,The characters you mention predate the internet and the democratization of information.Today, those characters would be here on SF studying the pictures and absorbing the subtle clothing signifiers of class. It maybe that you no longer see the ‘wideboys’ because they can now so perfectly model the signifiers of the upper classes, they are indistinguishable.FlyingMonkeyI cop to that. I came to SF to use clothing as a tool of career ambition. Sadly, I've became...
Yes. 4 -5 years there I took advantage of real bargains on B&S. Today, I don't bother looking at the B&S threads.
I was just window shopping at Neiman Marcus today. The Brioni suits are retailing for $4K and Zegna is $2K. The last time I was here, Attolini at $4K and Brioni was $2k. Now, I don't see Attolini at all. Only Brioni, Zegna, Isaia and Hugo Boss and Armani. I'm always astonished at these prices for RTW when world class bespoke is available at $4K.
No. Not ridiculous. Why is this so difficult to remember, "Left over right, right over left"?Get your shoelaces squared away, soldier!
Indeed the occasions for suits continues to narrow in the USA. But, this forum is a push back against that trend.In essence, the topic of this thread (as so many others) is how to wear that classic clothing style on occasions where most (such as yourself) have given up and surrendered.Ironically, because classic clothing is worn is less frequently today, those that want to dress this way need to adhere more closely to ‘rules’.The ‘rules’ are guidelines that integrate...
I stole this from Vox's blog. Does it get any better then this? http://www.voxsartoria.com/
I would wear that ... if it fit. It's has a classic look (it's a style that's been around for 100years) and it's practical for cold weather. However, the price seems too high. For that kind of money, you can have a made-to-measure coat. Take a look at the mytailor.com site. Joe Hemerajani will give you a MTM coat for as low as $1000.00. I seem to recall NY Ranger getting a bespoke coat from Ercoles for $2K.
A clothing forum is primarily about visuals, the text is only a supplement.Most people here are interested in locating images of interest.Google has an image search function. Perhaps that could be adapted to SF.
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