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Quote: Originally Posted by 68stang Has anyone tried the 5 pocket signature jeans in raw? I have many pairs of 501's and recently bought LVC 44's and had the legs taken in and now have major diaper butt. Looks like the ll beans are a slim 501 and raw. I want something I can wear 6+ months and see some character. Otherwise I will order the cheap 501 STF's and size down. I am pretty disappointed that I can't wear the rather expensive LVC 44's...
I decided to add a pair of Rescues to my closet after enjoying my new standards for a few weeks now. I'm happy with the fit of my NS which I sized down 2 from my true measured waist size, but since the Rescues are a roomier cut I figured I would go down three to avoid them being too loose after stretching. Anyway I am really confused because the Rescues arrived today and the waist feels the same if not looser than my NS which I've been wearing every day for weeks now. The...
Will this also work for t-shirts? I have some very old (vintage) white t-shirts that I love the fit of but that have some subtle staining (only visible in bright light) which I would love to get rid of. They are also more of an off-white now and I was hoping to find a method that would brighten at the same time.
I got my first pair of new standards last week and I'm wondering how long before the creases down the sides should start disappearing with regular wear? I've been wearing them every day for ~5 days now and I can still see the creases when I take them off. I guess I'm just afraid that when I do finally soak them the creases will show.
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