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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan This is what I get for trying to help you out? Well I did black out the genitalia. So it was you? Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Guys, I've been seeing Mafoofan pop up everywhere in Manhattan recently - often in the strangest of places. Please use this thread to consolidate our mafoo sightings. It really is quite a treat to run into the legend himself so...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Were you the guy in the glasses sitting by the door who looked up at me as I was leaving? mafoo, were you at Mount Sinai Hospital this week? I think one of my friends saw your xray.
In real life I like to examine very closely their belt buckles for hand engraving. Quote: Originally Posted by FiniteCircle Ah yes, the infamous muffin-top. They love it when you grab a fistful and go ooga-booga, trust me.
6'2, I feel like a colossus when I take the BMW to the carwash and the little Mexican dudes run around with the towels. Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Is Foo shorter than his gene pool average? His head circumference > height so yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Wouldn't you laugh if you saw it? - B 98% of people here have no idea what style is. They just know how to follow proper formula zzz zzzz zzzzz
These guys will have you looking like a banker. Go for the black suit, preferably Armani, it is the one suit every guy should have. Congrats on the wedding. Quote: Originally Posted by GQDerek
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu now this dude knows how to wear a mink. Did you end up buying that? If it's too long, I'd chop the bottom off and make a stole out of that part.
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel Douche pfft don't hate the player, hate the game yo.
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