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Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection In terms of style. Seems like you are looking for something with a square lens and a flare tipped front. Something similar without the rivets would be Salt Optics Adler O&X also has a piece but I cant find it online. I will take a pic (if you remind me, I forget easily) once my camera is up and running... I also have another piece that is top secret...
Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection I actually saw that thread a little while ago and I have no idea what brand they are. I have not seen any company make the rivets in that shape. Unless it is another brand and he had the rivets/metal put on them. It would not be difficult to do it. Find the frame. Get the metal piece of choice. Bore a hole a bit smaller than the size of your metal. Put a torch to the metal until it is almost red. Put...
would your eyeglass wizardry be able to help me identify these frames? i'm still searching but haven't come up with anything. the style looks similar to Criss Yanks but definitely not them
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer As ghey at it sounds, you can submit that pic to celebrity and they can probably tell you. yeah i actually did that a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything apparently nobody knows what they are here either thanks for your assistance though
yes and the naked girl in Angel Heart
i've tried searching on my own but i can't figure out what brand these sunglasses worn by Lisa Bonet's husband, Jason Momoa, are... here's a few pics: any help would be great and thanks in advance if you know
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