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Ahh I need your guys' help. I ordered some APC NS 30s and they're way too big! I usually wear size 32s in levis, and 30s in Diesels.. I'm 5'10" and 155 lbs or so, should I get a size 29 or 28 NS instead? I like somewhere between skinny/slim fit, but definitely not skin type or super skinny. Since NS are relaxed jeans should I just get a 28 and hope they stretch enough? I measured some of my jeans that fit me well and they fall around a 16.25-16.5" waist.
Hi guys, I just purchased APC NS size 30, and they're really big on me, thighs and waist. I'm trying to decide if I should go 28 or 29. My typical waist size for jeans is 16.25-16.75ish, just wondering if 28s will even stretch that large. I'm not sure how much size difference there is between each size since I'm new to APC.. any recommendations would be great The current 30s I have measure to a tad bit over 17" waist. I'm 5'9" 155 lbs. Also if anyone has a good...
I'm selling these APC New Standards in Raw Indigo size 30 with inseam of 34. They were my first pair, and too large for me. I would also be willing to trade for APC NS 29/34 or 28/34 in similar condition. I just received these in the mail today from b-Rad on HB, and I'm using his photos. They're in the same exact condition as pictured. They have only been worn for a couple of weeks, and there is some really nice fading just starting to set in. A ton of life left in these,...
Looking for some APC New Standards Raw Indigo size 29, ideally 34 inseam. May also be interested in size 28. I have APC New Standard size 30, but they're too large. Would consider a trade for 29s or 28s. hth.rizzice @ if you're interested please!
Uhh so this is definitely a shot in the dark, I saw this hoodie on ........., but it's sold out everywhere on the web, nowhere to be found! It's somewhat of a popular site though, so maybe, just maybe someone has one. I'm willing to pay around $90 for it plus shipping, verified on paypal. If you have one please send me a PM! Thanks
I would say it would be more related to obnoxiousness than intelligence.. >.>
It's actually SUNNY in Seattle!
Sweet thread
Your best is a lot of cardio and a cut on fat consumption. =D
Pin stripes ftw
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