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Are you iDanio on sufu that posted the post wash fades? I'm still waiting for some worn pics if you are xD So I should size up 1 then? If the waist stretched like .75" it would probably fit nicely.. Aren't N&F typically considered cheaper quality than APCs?
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 what exactly is this pose? LOL like he's rippin a big one. Is it practical to own a pair of NS and NC? I'm just wondering if they'll end up with similar fades.. I like my NS a lot and I can rock it with a lot of fits, but I want a skinnier fit raw too and dunno if I should go with NC or switch brands..
I just picked up a pair of these in 31s skinny and I can barely button up the top, and when I do it feels really tight. Will these stretch enough to be comfortable or should I size up? The entire fit is good, but the waist is just too tight to handle if it doesn't stretch a bit more. Also is it really common for the buttons to fall off? I'm almost hesitant to keep these.. I could return them and get APCs for $30 more
Dang has anyone tried unbranded jeans? I ordered a pair for kicks just to see how it would fit/look and they look/feel pretty darn similar to APCs for only about $70. The difference in feel is that they are actually 14.5 oz vs the APC 14 oz.. so wouldn't that mean they will actually create better fades than the 2x more expensive APCs? I also hear they're actually made by N&F.. isn't N&F typically regarded on the same quality level as APCs?
I just found out NCs aren't selvage? Doesn't that make them a little worse of quality compared to the PS and NS? Looking for NC or PS in size 29s if anyone has em..
I'm selling an awesome D Collection Parka from Urbanoutfitters. It was selling for $198 + tax, and I never got around to wearing it.. really need the money right now. Asking price is at $115 shipped OBO. If you haven't had any D Collection stuff before, it's really good quality. I definitely recommend this as a nice winter jacket. Hood and cuffs are faux fur lined, and it's a military style parka. ebay ID: ghettorizzice E-mail: hth.rizzice @ gmail . com I don't check...
So I had to put my large version of this on eBay because it doesn't really fit me that well. I've been looking for a medium gray or white, I don't care.. maybe someone can help me out? It used to sell at Kloop and other places... email: hth.rizzice@ gmail . com I check my e-mail a lot more often than PMs on here.
Hey guys, I'm selling (all size 30x32): Viker 72D NEW $100 Viker 8JM Excellent condition $85 Viker 8AT Excellent condition $65 100% Authentic, guaranteed. My eBay feedback can be seen here: My listed prices are negotiable, but the prices on these jeans are all marked down pretty far already for their condition. Feel free to offer though. contact: hth.rizzice @ gmail . com Viker 72d -- $100 shipped to the...
I got a quick question.. when going from NS to PS/NC do I want to stay the same size or size up 1?
So yeah, I'm looking for APC NC or PS size 29 and Diesel Thanaz 86C / Darron 8LG 30W/3XH Please e-mail me if you have a pair hth . rizzice @ gma il .com I don't check my PMs as often!
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