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I was in the market for another American Apparel hoodie, and I noticed a lot of eBay auctions selling them for a bit cheaper than off the AA site, although I'm wondering if they are authentic. Has anyone purchased one of these off eBay before and can chime in?
Here are a couple of pea coats I purchased from UO. I guess the first one isn't really a pea coat, but it's nice anyways. I recommend checking it out if you are looking for a pretty decently priced and nice coat. D Collection Jacket (got it $76 on sale) UO Hooded Peacoat ($125)
Hey all, I'm selling this size 29 APC New Cure in Raw Indigo. I bought it off another user on here, it has hardly ever been worn, no significant fades whatsoever, creases and some combs as pictured. UNSOAKED & UNWASHED. I'm looking for $110 shipped. email me if you're interested: hth.rizzice @ gmail . c o m
I just received this peacoat from UO: It's actually nicer than I expected, the hood is awesome, and the fit is really good. I would suggest it to anyone looking for a ~$100 peacoat. They have a 10% off + free shipping coupon right now so I got mine for about $130 total. Pics on the site don't really do it justice..
I'm curious are these APCs? They were blogged on DB as APC, but I thought APC only makes their denim in indigo/black? I would love to cop myself a pair that isn't black or indigo.. or are these the indigo and just faded different?
Looking for this jacket in size medium from H&M, please PM me if you have it.
Interested in the APC PS please hit me back..
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Dunderdon & J Crew. If you can lift your budget to $200-250 some way better options open up. What brands would I be looking at for $200-250? I might just hold off and save some since it's not winter yet anyways. And what's your definition of "better"?
Hey guys.. I gave my Kenneth Cole Reaction peacoat to my brother since I didn't really like the fit so I'm in the market for a nice black peacoat for the winter. My budget is pretty low, probably looking at $75-150, not looking for anything amazing quality, but something decent/sturdy for the price that I can pop the collar on xD Any suggestions?
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