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What do you guys think of these All Saints boots? My friend wants to sell them to me for a decent $100..
It sounds like you should try and go for a PS if the jeans are still fairly new/resalable. The fit is similar to NS with lower rise, and slimmer from the knee down if I understand correctly. I wouldn't get it altered just to look like PS.A couple questions...- Is a soak necessary before wearing? I have been wearing my NS for about 3 months now and they have yet to touch water...- Will I get mediocre looking fades if I wear the APCs when I'm lounging around/being lazy...
Anyone know how well I can get fades if I buy used APC about 2 months old? I really want the jeans to crease and fade to my body, and they look fairly new, but there is already pre-existing honeycombing/creases.. will this significantly affect the fading process if they are still a dark indigo?
Looking for a pair in new-like condition in size 29. I have a pair of size 28 and size 30 New Standards I would be willing to trade as well. Please email me, I don't check my PMs here often.. hth dot rizzice at gmail dot com ebay feedback:
I found UO tees are too thin and shrink a ton in the wash.. I love the way they fit new but their lifetime seems to be really short when I wear them. Also they are super thin, and lighter colors definitely gives some undesired nipple action. I mostly use them for sleeping shirts now. So the GAP are too wide, or too long?
They got a killer 30% off sale right now at GAP online store, was thinking about picking up some basic tees from them. I have been looking for the perfect fitting V-neck and basic tees for some time now. Right now I'm wearing mostly mossimo basics which fit okay, but the V on the neck is pretty high up and almost looks like crew neck unless you look carefully. Seems to have good reviews on the site so I thought I might give it a shot.. if they are no bueno does anyone...
Looking for a pair of these kicks in size 10.5 or 11. Will purchase any in decent condition, willing to pay up to $150 depending on condition. Please EMAIL me: hth.rizzice at gmail dot com Thanks!
I just received a pair of Joey Colordrives in the mail today, but they fit a bit more snug than I had hoped. I am just wondering if they will stretch out or if they usually stay true to their shape?
Up for sale is probably my favorite pair of skinny jeans ever. These jeans are 2% elastic, and 98% cotton so they are the most comfortable jeans ever. I bought these for $75 + tax and shipping final sale, and tried them on just one time so they are in NEW condition. Don't miss on this pair.. really some awesome jeans, with Obey detailing all around the jeans. The jeans are size 34, and I believe the inseam is 32, but they may fit 34s as well. Asking price is $50 + $5 for...
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