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Looking for a pair of these in size 9, 9.5, or 10. Any reasonable condition, just PM me or email me at hth dot rizzice at gmail dot com Thanks!
I have a question about soaking/washing.. my jeans don't smell particularly bad or anything, but I have been wearing my NS on and off for the past 8 months or so and I haven't really been getting many fades, and pretty much every day these past 4. I've heard soaking them can speed up the fading process, but I have also heard that the longer you wait before soaking/washing the better the fades. So where's the in between? Here's my NS... no wash no soak
Looking for a pair of Clarks desert boots in size 9, 9.5, or 10.. need a pair of brown ones.. funds are especially low at the moment, but in urgent need of some brown shoes. If you have a pair laying around, in reasonable condition, I'll gladly take them off your hands. eBay: Just pm me!
Specifically from black to white.. I bought a pair of black sneakers, and decided I really dislike the full black look and really want to paint the midsoles white if there is a way to do it without looking tacky. Any suggestions or is this implausible?
Looking for a size 42, but may be interested in other sizes. Looking for one with the white sole as pictured, any reasonable condition is fine. PM me please. Will pay up to 1 depending on condition. Please PM me I will respond promptly.
Looking for any condition, black patent with white sole. Please contact me if you have a pair for sale, need size 42, may be interested in 41s or 43s.. hth.rizzice at gmail dot com ebay:
Consider these sold! Please check your PMs
I like those, but really am not a fan of the elastic part. It usually sticks out the bottom of the pants and is completely visible, right?
Also would these pass for casual? Something like this? Not sure I like the sides much, or that middle seam:\{keyword}&utm_content=113297&ne_ppc_id=1129&ne_key_id=25005969As of right now, I just can't bring myself to spend 300-400 on a pair of boots when they're my first pair. I'm not...
I am looking for a pair of black boots.. I've always been kind of a sneaker guy and have very little experience with boots. My budget is roughly $100-200.. looking for a pair of boots that I can wear casually or dress up with.. I was wondering laceless boots are considered more formal or just a different style? Here are a couple I've been looking at, but I'm not sure they're good picks since I don't know exactly what to look for when boot...
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