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Willing to pay $175 or more depending on condition for a pair of Navy YSL patent sneakers in Navy blue. Used is just fine. Size 41 or 42 works for me! Please send me a PM! Thanks You can also email me I check it more often.. hth dot rizzice at gmail dot com ebay feedback
These are brand new Clarks with crepe sole. They come new with tags and box, asking $80 shipped via USPS. Please email me.. hth dot rizzice at gmail dot com. I don't check on these forums too often. Thanks! eBay feedback:
Looking for a pair of Doc Marten 1460s in size 9 US 8 UK black. If you have a pair for sale please let me know! They can really be in whatever condition as long as they are still comfortable on the feet.. I mostly need some work boots and I know Doc Martens are pretty durable. hth dot rizzice at gmail dot com or PM me! Thanks. eBay feedback
Been looking for this t-shirt everywhere. If you have one for sale please PM me
How did it look afterwards? Did they just sew on a strong patch that is a little bigger than the hole?I guess I might have sized down too much. I guess I was really pushing for a slim look with the NS over baggy.
So am I stuck with having messed up buttons? loool.. maybe a tailor could fix it? I guess my logic behind not wearing a belt is that the pants are already fairly snug and stayed on my ass without one but seriously I can slip them on and off without unbuttoning them, they are relatively loose compared to some of my other jeans.
I know but I don't think they were even that tight to begin with... I guess it's just the way I've been wearing em. Here's how they fit originally.. [[SPOILER]]
Has anyone experienced this problem with their apcs? I sized down 2 and they stretched perfectly, but after a while the fly became like this. I don't know if it's normal and will look better after fading, but right now I think it looks pretty bad/easily mistaken for an open zipper. Most my other jeans are zip fly so I've never encountered this problem. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
Why does it matter to you? Do you own a pair you're trying to sell? If not, move on, thanks. Maybe brand new doesn't mean crap to me, and I would rather save $20-30.
Looking for a pair of these in reasonable condition in brown suede in size 9, 9.5, or 10. PM me or email me at hth dot rizzice at gmail dot com Thanks!
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