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We all know Rolex make very resistant watches, for example, while Patek are delicate and not suitable for everyday use, but how fragile are Breguet watches exactly? I'm looking for both a Classique and a Type XX, and I wonder if I'll have to deal with expensive repairs every time I'll bang them on a wall or something.
We're seeing much white furniture (lacquered wood especially) coming out from manufacturers these days. Do you think it is a fad or a rather a timeless proposition of modern design? Historically, when did it appear? I don't remember seeing much white furniture in stores - or in people's homes - when I was young and carefree. From a consumer point of view, white furniture is attractive and versatile at first sight; Ligne Roset, Poltrona Frau and other makers all have solid...
If this is fake, you're holding the most interesting counterfeit ever made... Your suit is the real deal. These buttonholes and this lining are sure clues of realness, while etched buttons are not mandatory.
I have a lot of Brioni shirts for Neiman Marcus. The cut is pretty "large" if you have a slim body, not tent-like of course... but not suitable at all with a pair of jeans and no jacket, for example. The shirt drapes much around the arms, at the waist, and sometimes even the front of the shirt makes "waves", if your posture is hunchbacked. However, it drapes beautifully, it looks good, rich, and feels comfortable. Overall, I love these shirts. Zegna will provide you a...
But do you apply NeverWet™ on it?
The clothing of our ridiculous president is akin to the French social structure: the lower part is getting thinner and thinner, while the highest part becomes noxiously obese. How can he stand erect? It looks like everything's going to collapse. And to pile up different shades of ridicule, his tie is askew half of the time, which gives a good laugh to every single person I know (even in the French lowest classes). There's even a Twitter account called "François, your tie",...
It is possible. But it is good at the sole condition that you genuinely don't care (i.e. you're not worried enough to ask this on a message board).
Indeed, a "pimp" vibe is mandatory for a modal suit. But it seems quite reasonable for a shirt... Maybe the drape would be too much for a clean front of the shirt? Or not at all?
I'm impressed with the properties of modal for my underwear: beautiful drape, extreme softness, lightweight, dries quickly, does not crease much... I may order bespoke shirts (or even suits?) made of this fabric. What do you think about it? Would it be inconvenient in some way? Is it breathable enough for you? What would be the best modal brand on the market?
As I like to wear loud ties, I usually pair them with loud shirts (i.e. with loud patterns). These are not easy to find. What brands are consistently making quality dress shirts with funky and colorful patterns?
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