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Well I bought them at a thrift store for 8 bucks and they look like they are new. Genuine leather, made in Italy, and all that good stuff. I've tried googling the brand but I can't find any info. Maybe it's not "Dolphin?" I don't know, it looks like Dolphin to me.
Does anybody know anything about this brand?
Sounds like it could be good. I wouldn't want to wear the same color shirt and same color jeans, you might want to switch it up. Pics would be great.
I agree with Pineapple Express. It was such a let down. The idea of a stoner action movie has so much potential. I think the worst movie I've ever seen is Pride & Prejudice and I don't think it was just because it was a chick flick. I mean, I really liked Beaches (maybe I shouldn't admit that? ha), so I don't think it's the chick flick thing. It's just a terrible movie.
Bro, hands down the Trippin' Billies. They've played at my school a few times. It's a Dave Matthews cover band, btw. (that was a joke)
Yeah I'd say the problem is the US oligopoly internet situation. Japan has some some net that's fast as balls!
Quote: Originally Posted by heavy D Yes, I was considering yoga as well. Bikram- that's the version practiced n a hot room, correct? This is correct.
I'd also recommend Tanqueray 10. It's the most flavorful gin I've tasted.
If you want some real sugar coke alternatives: Mexican soda maker Jarritos ( uses real sugar. There are certain flavors that are really good too, but no cola flavor Jones Soda ( prides themselves on using cane sugar. They have a wide variety of flavors (try the cream soda!). The new Red Bull Cola uses real sugar. Hansen's also uses cane sugar:
Summer time is Chicago is fast approaching! The only 3 months worth living in Chicago! (I'm kidding of course, but seriously Chicago has had some long, cold winters.)
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