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Alrighty, I think in terms of womenwear, women are spoilt for choice with online boutiques with big e-stores like revolve, yoox, tobi etc that carry many of the brands you carry. A google search will more likely bring up these stores as opposed to yours. You might want to consider carrying brands that are more difficult to get a hold of to differentiate. I think your strongest asset is yourself Mauro, like your 'About Us' page says, you know what the fashion industry and...
Oh My! when will the collection be available? that duffle coat is made of awesome! Also, how big/small do they run?
Hi, Do you guys know of any online sites that sell off-season clothing? I need to get a winter coat but most sites like Revolve etc are stocking Spring/Summer gear and they've sold out on their winter sales stock. Cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Nudies is a mens brand, at best some cuts at unisex. Hmm, maybe I'm mistaken then...I see them wearing them with hardly any sag so I assumed. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't :P
I see too many guys in women's nudies where I live. I guess if they're skinny and have no ass they can't help it.
Good luck with your store hunting and new direction Jay...awesome store you have!
I want that duffle coat too but it's a preview of the Fall Collection which by that time is our (Australian) Spring. SADFACE.
Thank you! this is hugely helpful. Do any of these tailors do jeans hem chainstitching by any chance? I've got jeans to hem and a jacket to take in the sides.
Quote: Originally Posted by ajchen As part of that upcoming collection, we did a few collaborations. The leather goods (tote, wallet, bracelets) are made in Portland, OR by our good friends Tanner Goods. Can't wait to see the wallets! The duffle coat looks awesome too...I hope the smallest size is small enough for a girl
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