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Like the others have said, I like variety in my denim too so i'm always looking out for something i've not got already and this extends to non-selvedge fashion brands as well as raw selvedge brands. I don't see the point in buying jeans that are very similar (in fabric for example) unless the cut was very different. Different fabric colours and textures is really what gives raw denim its variety as they'll never be as much choice as fashion denim with its countless...
Ande must not be sleeping for the next ten years if SE is stocking his ever is he doing it??
^ Wow. That's really ugly. And I'm a girl.
Good Lord! I soo do not want to be in one of those at speed! The chassis would shudder so bad. Not surprising, though for what is meant to be a 'luxury sports' car the inner dash looks cheapass nasty. The plastic around the speedo looks like remolded cupholders. lol
What is your budget tardek?
^ Boxing kangaroo! how aussie. :P
That Phillip Lim field jacket is love!!
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint the girls i know that throw down mucho dinero don't care about niche and hard to get shit. they wanna wear the trendy stuff (like R&R, etc.) that they can show off in. they shop at sak's and neiman's and diesel so they can be seen doing it. the girls i know that don't throw down mucho dinero probably shop wherever they get shit the cheapest, which is probably cheaper than a boutique shop can do. the only...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I have tried fashionshows,blogs,sales,contacting sororities, passing our flyers and more. All have failed. ^ People seemed to have missed this.
I don't think Mauro's target market for women are university students and pimping out the clothes to hipsters and trendwhores will do much and could detriment the classy and sophisticated feel he has to the website and probably the store. The clothes for women (with the exception of the denim and some casualwear) are beautiful floaty dresses and tailored pieces which professional women would buy over students. Don't go and cheapen that. I love the fact that Mauro's...
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