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Wish they were a 9.5E, of course my wife doesn't...
Do the Tellmans fit TTS?
Does anyone know if these run TTS, or slightly large as suggested above? Thanks
Don't hesistate to buy from Forex, he's a great seller and this is a good deal. Hopefully, someone buys this before I "have to" purchase again...
New or like new condition - any color. Thanks
I've been waiting to snag a pair of the wingtips, but these sure are tempting. Hmmm...
I purchased these from Jim, who's a great guy by the way, and sadly they are too big for me. Let me know if anyone's interested in taking them off my hands, I'll sell them for what I paid, $366.00 shipped CONUS. Help me avoid Ebay. Thanks
I was going to pick-up a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenues as my next shoe purchase, but recognizing this is a great price, can I wear these in a similar fashion as I would the Park Avenues? Or are the Park Avenues significantly more formal? Thanks in advance.
$100 shipped and I'll take it.
I can't send pms yet, but I'll take it. Paypal okay? Can you pm me the payment information? Thanks, Ken
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